SF Fitness V Hell & Back Round 4!!

   Well it's time for SF Fitness members to take on Hell and Back again.  Summer Hell and Back 2013 will be the 4th time that SF Fitness members will conquer Hell and Back.     THE FIRST SF FITNESS TEAM HELL AND BACK ROUND 1!     We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for! We trained together has a team, even when I got injured I used to ask John to collect me before 6am in the morning to join the team in the gym.     Our training consisted of strength training from camp, we were then in the gym on a Tuesday morning at 6am and then we'd go for team runs during the week and the weekend.     We decided that if we were going to go to Hell and Back we needed a focus to make sure we made it around and we ended up raising nearly €4000 for Crumlin Children's … [Read more...]

How to get better results

If you do a quick Google search and type in 'How to l' you'll get the following suggestions...      Unfortunately the information you'll get is nothing new.      Eat fewer calories than you burn off      But      1. How do you do this properly? Because no doubt you've tried before and presumably by reading this you still want better results      and      2. What if there is a better way, a simpler way?      You see most people add in exercise and reduce calories. So straight away you are requiring more from your body in terms of energy while actually putting in less fuel. Not only that but generally you'll eat very low cal, which is shown to work in the short term. However long term this can cause metabolic damage, an inablity to burn fat even at very low calorie eating.      … [Read more...]

I’m still learning…..

       I have only been in the fitness industry for the last two years, so really a newbie but boy have I learnt more in the last two years than I did throughout my college course. Learning from the best......      The past few weekends I’ve spent working with and learning from some of the top trainers in the UK and Ireland.  My brain has been overloaded with information and ideas. I just need to take stock now and figure out what we can do now and what can we can do at another stage.      I will say I’m pretty lucky being able to have access to these guys; they have so much experience in the fitness industry and have made all the mistakes that I can now avoid.  I meet with my two mentors, Chris Brown and Jon LeTocq on a regular basis and we speak every month.  We all meet up … [Read more...]

Tougher than you think

The annoying little voice .......     When it comes to training I feel sometimes I hold a little bit back, my mind gets in the way, there’s the little voice at the back of my head that tells me I can’t or I shouldn’t do it.  Yeah not going to lie it’s sometimes hard to tell that voice to shut up and piss off and carry on but I know I really have to, it’s my mind that holds me back not my body. GRRRRRRRR............      If I get one bad rep in a set and that’s it I’m done, and I stop, then I get really pissed off and sometimes that can ruin my whole training session.                                        I leave the gym on a high!!       Other times I really push myself and get more than I originally think (a lot of the time this happens because my trainer and boss John … [Read more...]

Going cold turkey

Hi my name is Ruth and I’m a phoneaholic!      I literally have to have my phone on my at all times, if it’s not in my hand it’s right beside me, everyone can get a hold of me whenever they need, my emails are checked constantly and the same with Facebook.      However after a weekend of masterminding in Guernsey with my two mentors for a check in, new ideas and being pushed further outside my comfort zone, my phone went on a bit of a walkabout and suddenly I was un-contactable ….. my lifeline to the online world was suddenly gone, what was I going to do?? I couldn’t answer an email as soon as it came in, I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone and more importantly no one would be able to contact me Keep Calm       Now usually this would have freaked me out but I was in … [Read more...]