The 45 stone Virgin

Last night I watched a remarkable story about a man, David Smith, who lost 401 lbs in 26 months without surgery. He did it all through exercise and nutrition. Or did he?

Watching the videos of him at his 45 stone weight it was truly remarkable to hear him speak. He spoke as if he  had already made a massive shift. He said that his trainer had saved his life, yet he was still morbidly obese.

So that’s why I question was it just diet and exercise that got him from here

To here:

And the answer is no. He didn’t just use exercise and nutrition. He also changed his frame of mind.

He changed his mindset, his thoughts and his behaviours to lose all that weight. In fact he even reported that losing weight was easy. that’s right losing 401lbs was EASY!!!

The reason it was easy was because he made a massive shift in thinking, he made healthy eating and  good effective training become a part if his core beliefs. He accepted that just cutting calories and doing some exercise isn’t the fastest route, that there are faster and easier ways.

Here’s a quote from David:

“I am no longer that scared little boy, but I am starting to become the confident man I knew that I could be. I have finally gotten my drivers license – seven months ago I couldn’t even fit in a cars front seat. I just recently received my GED and Chris helped get me my first job at the local Wal-Mart.

I am not afraid of people anymore. I can walk with my head held high. I don’t care what people think of me. Some people know my story and some don’t – all that really matters is that I finally love myself. That is the one thing I never did was love myself. Once you love yourself, you can be anything you want to be.

I can’t wait to experience the things that I have never experienced in my life. I want to experience a lot of things that are fun, adventurous, exciting, mysterious, and dangerous. I have only allowed myself to experience pain and suffering. The one thing that I am most excited about experiencing, is love. I have heard that the greatest feeling in life is to fall in love. I want to know how that feels.

No matter how deep you dig yourself into a hole, you can always dig yourself out, I am proof of that. Nothing is impossible in this world – if you want it you just need to grab hold of it and never let go of your dreams…because some dreams if you work hard enough, really do come true.

Reading that inspires the hell out of me. It should do the same for you too. And if you can take anything from this story it’s that if your health and fitness and physique levels are not where you want them to be then thinking, acting and doing the same things as you have done in the past will not help you now. If you are trying to  lose weight, get healthier and get fitter this year please start to do things differently. Think like a fit person, act like someone who has already made those changes and stop doing the things that don’t work.

If you have any questions/comment please post themas i’d love to hear your thoughts,

John O’C

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