Diary of a Bootcamper

This past week has been very interesting, I’ve had numerous conversations with people about results or lack of results and what they will or won’t do to get them.

The thing that still surprises me is that people want to make up their own rules about getting results.

My wife was asked if she could hypnotise someone to lose weight. Anna’s response was yeah but there are certain things you need to do to lose weight as well.

Do I have to give up wine?


Then no, forget it!!

Obviously drinking a few bottles of wine every week is more important to this person than getting in shape.

And that is absolutely fine if that’s what they really want.

Unfortunately I would argue that they would much prefer to BE in great shape than to drink a few bottles of wine, but the act of doing it seems so challenging that they never try.

Maybe they would be better off getting hypnotised to cut down their wine intake.

I’ve also head the usual statements this week…

“I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to tone up so I’m not going to follow the nutrition plan” If you want to tone up you must lose weight, maybe not scale weight but definitely fat weight.

“I already eat very healthily” – If you did you wouldn’t need to drop any  inches, pounds etc.

“Surely everything in moderation is ok” – that’s an excuse for not getting results. If you eat things in moderation and aren’t in great shape then you aren’t eating them moderately enough!!

“I won’t deprive myself” – The way I look at it is this: If you really want to look and feel better, yet you eat and drink things that prevent you from getting in shape, then you are depriving yourself of true happiness. Eating a chocolate bar lasts a few minutes and sure you can get a happy hormone hit and feel good for a few seconds until the guilt kicks in and you then feel lousy for eating it.

Getting in great shape feels amazing day in day out and lasts as long as you choose to stay in shape.

Here’s a recent email I got from a camp member Sheena Moore


Hope you are doing great..wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for helping me change my life for the better-Forever!!!!! I seriously cannot believe that in one month initially back in May…to 4 camps down the line I have completely changed my mindset on everything to do with food and exercise….

I’m so delighted with the results that I have achieved from your camps…and the difference in me is amazing…Ive got my spark back, enjoy life to the max and looking back now the fat loss was merely the added bonus…I’m way more grateful for the mental shift that has occurred and the confidence in myself that I have regained! I thoroughly enjoy proper nourishing healthy food that my body needs, adore polishing off litres of the wonderful H2O and look forward to doing weight sessions and bootcamp exercise plans….prisoner squats, crab walks, planks….love them all!!!!!

I’m currently over in Sydney for a while, it was last minute in the end for a friends wedding and im going to be staying on for a few months… i went out today and headed to the local park and did a session myself and soooo enjoyed it..i never in a million years pre bootcamp would of done that…”

It’s very easy for me to spot who will follow the programme and succeed and who will make up their own rules and become frustrated with results.

Once you embrace the programme trust in it, trust in the people who have gotten the results before you and trust in the coaches delivering it you will get amazing results.

I always find it somewhat confusing that people try to go it alone, or don’t believe that our SFFitness Fat Loss Programme will work for them when all we are focused on is getting results. I don’t want to work with people unless they are getting results. It’s not enjoyable, it frustrates me!

Follow the plan and get results!

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