How To Get Fat

According to my clients everybody these days seems to be an expert on weight loss. They tell my clients that the good fats they are eating are fattening, even though the client has lost over 2 stone.

They tell them cardio is the only exercise that burns fat yet my clients are far in far better shape and do no cardio. They tell them not to get obsessed yet my client is the happiest they have been in years!

That’s the problem, people seem to think they know the best ways because they have read it in a magazine or they may have even done a fitness instructors training course years ago. That does not make you an expert.

I am fortunate enough to know many of the top professionals in the fitness industry. I know these people because I see them regularly at the conferences, mentorships, internships and mastermind groups that I attend.

In my opinion you can only be an expert if you are actually getting results with people in the real world. Something my colleagues and myself do everyday. Reading something in a magazine or doing some basic course does not qualify you to give out advice.

I have learned a great deal from my colleagues and mentors over the years and one of the things I have learned is…

How to remain out of shape and put on more weight:

(For some this may sound very familiar)

1. Get up and make yourself a bowl of cereal stick to something that is low fat and has very little nutrition in it. Use low fat or fat free milk. Maybe have some fruit juice or some toast as well. Hey if you are in a rush don’t eat anything at all. Just grab a coffee and away you go. This will ensure you mess up your metabolism for the entire day. No fat burning here!

2. At 11 avoid eating anything, grab a coffee or tea or even a fizzy drink. Resist the urge to snack but if you are going to snack make sure it’s a low calorie/low fat biscuit or something similar.

3. Lunch time comes and you should grab a sandwich to ensure you spike insulin and overload on carbs. Also another fizzy drink is good to add in here.

4. You’ll feel pretty low on energy come 2/3pm so have something to pick yourself up. You can choose anything from more coffee/tea, low fat snacks, possibly another diet coke or coke zero.

5. Then after work it’s off to the gym, better not eat anything beforehand for fear of fuelling your body.

6. Your gym session must consist of at least 40 mins of cardio if not more. Be sure to choose at least 2 different machines. Treadmill and cross trainer will do. Oh and warm up on the bike for 5 mins before that.

Then head over to the ‘Ab Area’ and spend 10-15 mins doing ‘abs’ this is a great waste of time and you won’t burn that many calories to ensure you remain in lousy shape. Plus you can’t spot reduce so spending 15 mins on one body part is another great way to stop you burning too many calories.

If you have time, but only if you feel like it, head over to where the light weights are and do a few tricep kickbacks with 1-2kg dumb bells. Don’t go heavy for fear of exerting too much energy. Some wide stance squats and pulsing lunges are super too. These do very little for your metabolism so again no fear of increasing your metabolism here.

7. When you get home try not to eat too much but if you do make sure it’s all carbs like pasta, keep it low fat too.

8. Stay up late, you probably find it hard to fall asleep anyway with all the caffeine in your system.  Lack of sleep plays havoc with your hormones so you won’t burn much fat and you’ll no doubt crave sugar the next day. Sugar = Fat Gain – Result!

9. Next morning when you get up weigh yourself but make sure you go to the toilet first, get frustrated with the number on the scales yet again because it hasn’t moved or god forbid it has actually gone up.

Repeat as often as you can and you will remain frustrated at your lack of results. This will cause you to eventually go on a binge either during the week or at the weekend and before you know it your weight is creeping up…. again!

There is a far more effective way to get back in shape. I call It Eat More and Stop Exercising, all will be explained in tomorrow’s post!


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  2. […] you read my How to Get Fat Post you’ll have seen that what most people do for weight loss is counter productive. Weight loss […]

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