Eat More and Stop Exercising

If you read my How to Get Fat Post you’ll have seen that what most people do for weight loss is counter productive. Weight loss is only hard because people make it hard by limiting their fat burning processes.

Eat more and Stop Exercising is the anti-diet. It goes against everything we have been taught about losing weight. But it works.

Not only that but it works long term.

Here’s how:

1. Eat More

Eat more good fats, more quality protein, more vegetables, more often and drink more water. – People don’t get fat by eating these, you probably aren’t eating enough and are therefore quite low in fat burning foods and hormone optimizing nutrients.

The problem with dieting all the time is that your hormones get screwed up. Then each time you try to lose weight it gets harder and harder, it also makes it harder to maintain your weight if you get there.

By eating more quality foods you actually feed and nourish your body. You give it the fuel it needs to burn fat, detoxify, produce energy and help your moods.

2.Stop Exercising…

…and start training. I have met countless people who are trying to lose weight with cardio. running, walking, swimming, cross trainers, bikes whatever it is it burned very few calories and does little to increase the metabolism.

Infact new research shows that weight training actually burns more calories than once thought. Not only that it increases the metabolism and stimulates fat burning hormones like growth hormone and testosterone.

Trying to do hours and hours of exercise while giving yourself less fuel makes no sense. Its bound to cause low energy and be very hard to stick to.

Training is very different to exercising. When we train we have a purpose a goal, its not boring because we are aiming for something. When you exercise you just go through the motions, watch tv on a monitor in front of you while you walk/run on a treadmill or read a magazine on a bike. That’s all very well and good for ‘cardio’ but its not going to deliver long term results.

Neither is doing a few toning exercises or sit ups. In order to get consistent results our training must progress as we do. Unfortunately this is rarely seen and the same goes for people actually feeding and fueling their bodies.

When you try The 7 day eat more diet for a week you’ll realise that you don’t have to starve and feel lousy to get results:

7 Day Eat More Diet

It’s completely free and you get my MMAS training video with it!


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