Bodyweight Fitness

One of my colleagues in the UK wrote about bodyweight fitness recently and pointed out something very obvious to me yet maybe not so obvious to the general exerciser.

Gyms spend a fortune on fancy equipment and the latest exercise fads. From spinning to treadmills and power plates to weight machines these commercial gyms have shaped the public’s view on how to exercise. Unfortunately this limits what we believe we can do ourselves.

I was interviewed for the Irish Examiner the other day and the journalist was a keen runner but as we went through the interview she realised there was a lot more she could be doing to improve her fitness, strength and health.

For the last 5 years I have been running fitness camps in dublin and the majority of our sessions are based on bodyweight exercises. Now you may know some of the basic exercises like push ups, squats and lunges but have you ever done a burpee, walkout, squat thrusts or mountain climber? These are just some of the exercises we use in our fitness camps in dublin.

I’m amazed at the lack of variety people have in their training and even when they join a general bootcamp they tend to do the same exercises just in different format. Usually run for a bit, do 10 push ups, run some more, do 20 sit ups, run yet again and do 10 squats.

Our SF Fitness Sessions in dublin are very different to what you may perceive as ‘exercise’ or ‘bootcamp’. One of our newest members, Ruth, has commented on how varied it is compared to another bootcamp she did. She was also amazed at the level of service and support she got outside of the camps.

To give you an idea of what our sessions look and feel like here’s a video of The Doctor – don’t worry you won’t feel like needing a doctor after!! Its named after a Japanese doctor who invented this form of training.

You can substitute exercises in if you need to make it more challenging or add weights, but usually this is enough for first timers.

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