The 99% – Good or Bad??

We’ve all seen the protests around the world, Occupy Wall street, Occupy Dame street etc. The protestors are claiming to be the 99%.

And yet the 1% are making all the decisions and have all the money. In this case most of society are part of the 99% and it’s a great thing that they are fighting for.

But, forgetting about economics and politics, I want to explain why I believe you should aim to be part of the 1% when it comes to your fitness and health.

If you follow the crowd you are most likely going to end up exactly like them. Unfit, tired, frustrated, overweight, feeling down, etc. You’ll tend to look for enjoyment elsewhere especially from food and drink.

I know so many people that just live for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my life and love a good night out but I don’t sacrifice my health, energy and body shape for it. In fact I know from past experiences that when I am at my healthiest and in great shape I have the best times doing EVERYTHING

The 99% will tell you that eating everything in moderation is fine, that you have to enjoy life, that you don’t want to get obsessed or too healthy.

I’ve heard stories from clients who have been told not to lose any more weight. I must add this was not down to a health issue as they usually had only about 7-10lbs to go to be considered in great shape, most likely it’s down to a jealousy issue!

You see the 99% will have you believe they are only looking out for your best interests. In fact it’s that they don’t want you to succeed because it will make them feel bad because they haven’t done it. It sounds strange but this is what happens time and time again.

Im presuming your best interests are getting in shape, being healthier and finally loosing the weight that has held you back. Becoming the real, energetic, happy you again is what you really want right?

Yet at every corner there seems to be an obstacle. The 99% are there tempting you, convincing you to stray from your plan. You do have a proven plan don’t you?

When you are trying to get in shape you’ll be pestered to have some chocolate or sweets, or to come drinking when deep down you want the best results and you know those results will only come from following the plan.

Obviously having a proven plan, a system that works is paramount to your success.

It’s actually rare that people seek out the best plan for themselves. They tend to follow what the 99% do. Go to aerobic or dance classes, join a gym, follow faddy diets, buy the latest exercise gadget / game etc

But what’s even rarer is that people don’t seek support. Support from the 1%. Support to help you when you are struggling with motivation. Support when you get cravings. Support when your training feels tough. Support to congratulate you on a great week. Support to answer any questions you have on nutrition or training. Support from people who have gone through what you are going through right now.

This support is the difference between success and failure.

When you feel part of a group, who share common goals, follow the same plan and support you in every way you feel like you belong and it makes your journey so much easier.

We all want to be part of something, most settle for being part of the 99% and remain unhappy 99% of the time.

However when you choose to become part of the 1%, to take a different path and achieve the health and body shape you yearn for then you’ll know you’ve found something truly special, you’ll find the real you!

I was asked yesterday by a GP if I could really help him, his cholesterol was sky high and he’s borderline diabetic. I said absolutely and told him his waist size would drop from 38 to a 34 in the next 2 months. I truly believe in my system because I’ve seen it work time and time again. It’s not just exercise and nutrition there’s a lot more to it including the support from our members and coaches. It’s actually hard to explain unless you experience it first hand.

So here’s what I want you to do. Click this link:

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You have nothing to lose except the unwanted flab!!

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  1. Are you part of the 99% or the 1%, when it comes to health and fitness the answer may surprise you…

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