Does your Exercise Programme look like this?

I’ve seen some pretty strange things in gyms in my time.

From people running backward on treadmills to weird and dangerous versions of common exercises. It seems people are always looking for a ‘new method’. Even personal trainers are guilty of this, they jump on the latest fitness craze thinking that this ‘gimmick’ is gonna help them sell their services better.

However the only thing that is going to help me sell my services better is getting better resultsFitness in Dublin and ensuring my clients and camp members stay healthy and injury free. That means you won’t see me making people balance on inflatable balls or standing on a vibrating platform. These are circus acts and have never shown to be more effective than conventional training, in fact they have been shown to be less effective!!

I like to keep things simple and so I use basic equipment (mainly dumbbells and kettle bells) and a lot of body weight exercises. However these are what have been proven for years to get people into great shape and have withstood the test of time.

Instead of grabbing the next ‘shiny object’ fitness fad try the programme below and see the results for yourself. It works on basic principles of fitness, which tend to be the most effective. Work large muscle groups in compound movements to stimulate an increase in post training metabolism. This means you burn more total calories over the next 24 hours than most of the conventional exercise methods such as aerobics, spinning, walking etc

Try it and see for yourself.

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How much protein should you eat?

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