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The days are getting longer, morning’s are brighter and that signals that Summer is on its way.

Summer is my favourite time of the year however I realise for a lot of people it can be a very self conscious time in dublin

Summer means less clothing and more skin which means if you are not comfortable with your body shape you are going to be very uncomfortable in the warm weather.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in being healthy and fit first and foremost, looking good is a side effect of this. But when it comes to summer most of my camp members really want to knuckle down and ensure their hard work pays off.

Over the years I have made many observations about how people go about getting in shape for the summer

Here are a few: (you may recognise yourself here)

1. They leave it way too late and try to starve themselves for 3 weeks prior to a holiday

2. They keep putting it off until its too late and then just don’t bother.

3. They leave it late, start training but too many things get in the way, barbecues, beer gardens etc. Results don’t happen and they get pissed off.

4. They join a gym, go religiously but fail to get the results because they aren’t following a fat burning, beach body programme.

5. They diet and diet and diet but their shape doesn’t change because they only exercise they do is walking.

So, to combat all this, I am going to be writing a series of posts to show you exactly what to do to look your best this summer.

This first one is all about mindset so you can start NOW and not wait till April, which turns into May and then before you know it its the end of July and another summer has passed you by without getting in beach body shape.

Now beach body shape can be whatever you want. And that’s the first thing to decide.

Do you want to be in phenomenal shape and ‘ripped’ like Elle and Daniel?

Fitness in Dublin Fitness in Dublin

Or do you want a slimmer figure like Emma…

Fitness in Dublin

Or to tone up like Bronagh…

 Fitness in Dublin

If you want to look like the celebrities above you have a hell of a lot of work to do, no matter where you are starting from your entire lifestyle needs to be centred around getting in phenomenal shape. If you are prepared to do that great, if not then you need to reassess your ideal shape.

If you want results like Emma and Bronagh you’ve still gotta work hard but these results are far more achievable than looking like Daniel Craig or Elle Macpherson. Daniel and Elle make a living out of being in great shape and spend fortunes on trainers, food, chefs, ‘supplements’ etc to get there. Elle has based her entire career on being called ‘The Body’ that means everything she does has to support her body shape rather than hinder it.

The good news for you is that your entire career probably doesn’t depend upon you being in great shape. While you won’t need to be focused 24/7 on being in phenomenal shape you do need a plan to get your beach body.

Here’s an overview of the plan and then in the next post I’ll start giving you the actual training programmes to get there.

1. Train a minimum of 3-4 times a week

When I say train I don’t mean go out for a walk! I mean follow a training programme that is specifically designed to get you in beach body shape. Lucky for you I’ll be posting Day 1 up shortly.

2. Perform full body strength sessions 3 times a week

Full body strength sessions are without doubt the most important addition to any transformation programme. They will ensure your muscle and therefore metabolism stays active and keeps burning fat 24/7. They will also stimulate the production of fat burning hormones like testosterone and growth hormone while making your body more sensitive to insulin. Insulin sensitivity = more fat burning.

3. Add in some metabolic work at the end of each session

Metabolic work simply means performing exercises that require a lot of muscle to be used while taking short rest periods. This type of training will increase your metabolism and burn a lot of calories. Essentially this is circuit training BUT many forms of circuit training are not programmed effectively and therefore do not deliver the results you want. Don’t worry I got you covered!

4. Do interval training 1-2 times a week

Interval training is one of the most effective methods you can use to melt fat from head to toe. You work very hard for a set period, rest twice as long and repeat. The reason this is only done 1-2 times a week is because it is very tough and because the other training you’ll be doing is even more beneficial. The fitter you get and the better you are at recovering from your sessions the more of these intervals you can add in. But as I said in point 1 3-4 times is what you’ll need provided you are following the right programme.

Questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap.


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