How I lost Weight on Holiday

I’m just back from holidays and after eating twice as much as I normally would I decided to get my body fat percentage tested straight away.

(Oh btw that’s me in a painted forest. Weird but very cool ) —>

Your body fat percentage is simply the percentage of your body weight that is made up of fat.

The reason I get this done and do it with all my clients it’s because your scale weight can be very misleading.

According to the scales I lost over half a kilo on holiday!!!

However according to my body fat percentage, which went up by 2.5% I had gained 1.5kg of fat. That means I lost 2kg of muscle.

Now as muscle dictates how many calories you burn 24/7 losing it isn’t a good thing. But I was on holidays and will be able to put it back on in no time.

The reason for this is because all my training programmes are focused on boosting the metabolism so you burn fat over the entire day and not just your training session. Once you consistently follow one of these programmes it takes a while for your metabolism to slow down again. So when my clients go on holiday they are still burning way more calories than before even just sitting by the pool!!

If you’re still walking or just doing cardio for weight loss you’re missing out on a huge amount of fat burning potential. And if you’re still doing traditional style weight training (3sets of 10 or similar) you’re still missing out.

The most effective programmes I design incorporate bodyweight training, superset, triset or circuit training with weights and interval based cardio training 4 days a week. This is guaranteed to boost your metabolism and get you lean and toned much faster. Here’s a quote from on of my current camp members:

“Sleeping much better and energy levels much higher.  Again I am really enjoying this, I had worked with a personal trainer before but somehow this seems to be getting results much faster …… will reccommend you to my friends” Deirdre

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