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How to Lose Weight Fast (Part One)

I took a poll recently to find out if people wanted to lose weight slowly, 1-2lbs a week, or fast, 3+ pounds a week. This was my little experiment to see what people’s perceptions were regarding losing weight.

Slowly, 1-2 lbs per week, won out with 18 votes to 11. The general reason was because if you lose it slowly you will maintain it and be able to keep it off.

The reasons for not wanting to lose weight faster is because you’ll just put it all back on again.

I totally understand this reasoning BUT I also understand where it comes from and how you can actually lose weight fast, do it healthily and keep it off for good.

I like to study behaviours, it helps me understand my clients more. For most people a lot of their education on weight loss comes from the quick fix mentality.

Drastic 7 day diets that help you lose 7-10 lbs in week one, then you go off the diet, eat ‘normally’ again and pile all the weight back on, with interest!

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The most common forms of this diet are the meal replacement shake diets. Lipotrim and Slim Fast are the top 2 that spring to mind. I know many of my clients have tried some sort of meal replacement shake diet and said it worked great, when they were on it. But as soon as they went off it, all the weight came back again. Hint – if the weight comes back on straight after IT DIDN’T WORK!!

The reasons for this are simple. The results on these drastically low calorie diets, calories tend to be around 6-800 total per day, don’t reflect fat loss. It’s just weight loss. Weight loss is anything from water, carbohydrates, fat, muscle and even undigested food.

So yes you will lose a lot of water weight. Carbohydrates soak up 4 times their weight in water too. We store carbs in our muscles so that will reflect on the scales as well and then there will be a small amount of fat loss.

fitness in dublinAfter about 7-10 days on one of these v restrictive diets your body will actually stop burning fat and start burning off your muscle, especially if you are not doing any weight training. Your body will also start signaling for you to eat more. We have evolved to survive and so, when dieting, this survival mechanism slows down the rate at which you burn calories. It also increases hormones to make you hungrier and store energy (fat). So no matter how much will power you have you’ll eventually succumb to a binge and start eating everything in site. The weight will then shoot back up.

Because your body is in survival mode you’ll start to store a lot of fat and then there will be the carbs and water weight going back into your muscles.

Most people report gaining more than they had initially lost!

This is the unhealthy way to lose weight, yet many people have tried some form of very low cal dieting only to end up back at square one and even worse off.

The first thing to realise is that there is a healthier way. In fact when you make being healthy your goal it will be far easier to lose weight and maintain it.

The second thing to realise is that losing fat is very different than losing weight. I just showed you an example of extreme weight loss. Fat loss on the other hand is what people want yet don’t fully realise it.

Why do you want to lose weight? To look better is usually a top 3 answer. In order to look better do you want to lose clothes sizes OR Just a few numbers on the scales? Clothes sizes are by far the better option here. If you go from a belt size 40 to a 32 you are definitely looking better, if you go from 220lbs to 200 you don’t necessarily look better. And if you disagree with that statement then chop off one of your arms, you’ll lose at least 20lbs…but you won’t look better!!

I’m not saying scale weight doesn’t matter at all but inches matter far more.

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