Lose Weight Fast | Fitness in Dublin Part 2

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I get paid for results. If I don’t help my clients get results then I don’t get paid. There are a lot of trainers out there who don’t base their training on results though. They end up being a babysitter, making the client exercise or someone for the client to vent their frustrations to. I’ve seen it in the many gyms I have worked in. The training sessions become more of an agony aunt session. Hey I’ve even got caught in that trap and almost left the fitness industry because of it.

I do what I do to get results, that’s what drives and motivates me and the sooner a client gets results the better. They become really motivated and tend to work even harder when they see what they are doing is paying off. It’s truly rewarding to watch a client become a fitter and stronger person while changing their old lifestyle and transforming their health and body shape.

fitness in dublinIt can also be so frustrating to spend a lot of hours ‘exercising’ only to see no difference in the scales at the end of the week. Or to be so ‘good’ when it comes to eating yet, when the scales don’t shift, all you want to do is say screw this and binge on all your favourite foods.

I’ve spent the last 11 years learning about how to get results. I’ve read countless books and attended many courses and certifications. I’ve interned with some of the top fitness, strength and nutrition experts in the world. I love discovering better ways to make fast changes with my clients.

In this time I’ve discovered that losing 1-2 lbs a week is actually a really poor return on your time and effort invested. You CAN get much better results if you want them. In the first week of any change a client can expect to lose 5lbs or more for the reasons I explained above, I’ve even seen people lose 14lbs in one week with me and they did it by eating more nutritious food and feeding themselves not by doing a crazy diet. My client record is 23lbs in 20 days a truly inspirational person. If I told them to run through a wall they’d ask how many bricks I wanted them to knock down.

Now the more weight you have to lose the faster you can lose it. The closer you get to your goal weight the harder it is and that’s when tracking your results should be more visual by taking pictures and inch measurements, if you can get your body fat taken by caliper measurement that’s even better (never use the electronic body fat machines as most of them are very inaccurate).

Some weeks you will drop more than others and it’s when the results start to slow down and even stop that you need to reassess what you are doing. If your inches and weight don’t budge for 2 weeks in a row, what you are doing is not working and you need to change something. This can be a nutrition change like a reduction in carbohydrates or an exercise change to increasing the intensity.

I have 3 or 4 different nutritional strategies, that I implement at different stages with clients, that ensure they never plateau. I also have many different exercise methods that I can use to increase the intensity and effort of a programme so that the metabolic rate stays high. However all of these strategies fall under my main principles. These principles are based around the following statement:

Exercise Less and Eat More!

fitness in dublinI know that seems counter intuitive but let me explain. Exercise Less means it’s more about the quality of the exercise rather than the quantity. For example a 30 min walk is nowhere near as beneficial as doing a superset of front squats paired with chin ups 4 times, which would be over in about 12 mins. Quality beats quantity ever time.

Likewise instead of think about cutting calories I get my clients to focus on feeding their body the nutrients it needs to run optimally. When you support your body’s needs cravings will naturally lower, appetite normalises and hormones become balanced. It’s far easier to stick to a plan when you don’t even feel like eating junk, when you are rarely hungry and most importantly when you are feeling great. My clients tend to work harder in their sessions because they have more energy. They embrace this new approach because why the hell would they want to go back to feeling like crap again?

The inverse is also true. Why would you continue on a ‘weight loss’ plan when you are feeling like crap, you’re hungry all the time and all you can think about are the foods you can’t have? The short answer is you can’t and that, in my opinion is why so many people fail to get to a healthy weight. It’s all about the scales and all about the calories, real food doesn’t seem to matter. As long as it’s low fat and low cal it must be good for me!

Stop chasing weight loss and counting every morsel of food you put in your mouth and focus on health instead. That’s the key to a HEALTHY weight loss!!!

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