Beach Body – What to Eat?

So in the previous Post I wrote about what type of training is best to get fast, noticeable and lasting results.

This post is all about the flaws of trying to burn off calories and what to eat to get maximum results. Contrary to popular belief you can’t out train a bad diet. Trying to burn off calories from the day before is a battle no one can win.

You see depending on how fit/efficient your body is at burning fat you will only burn between 3 and 15 grams of fat an hour while exercising. Or in calorie terms, 27 to 130 fat calories!!!

Now lets look a bit closer at these numbers. Remember these are only numbers but they should make you think.

It is estimated that 1 pound of body fat equals 3,500 calories. So in theory, to lose 1 ,we must create a 3,500 calorie deficit. If you were to just try to burn that off through exercise and if you were very efficient at burning fat, we’ll take the 130/hr calorie mark above, it would take you 26 hrs of exercise to lose 1lb of body fat!!!


Now if you exercised for 1 hr every day then that’s 26 days to drop one measly pound!!!

You cannot out exercise a bad diet!! You must change your nutrition!

When it comes to nutrition most people think cut, cut, cut! Let’s cut calories and we’ll drop fat no problem. Well when you cut calories you’re body doesn’t necessarily take the deficit from body fat, it will take those calories from other places too such as muscle. So you need a greater calorie deficit than the 3,500 mentioned above.

Now this seems way too complicated for me let alone someone who hasn’t spent the last 10 years studying nutrition and fat loss!

So let’s make it really simple.

1. Increase your metabolism so that you are burning more fat calories per hour EVERY HOUR 24hrs a day! yes this is very possible and the key to success. Provided you…

2. Eat a diet based on natural whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and meat

3. Eat snacks in between meals so you don’t get hungry

4. Drink plenty of water (1 litre for every 4 stone in weight)

Net result? You Lose weight Fast.

That is pretty much the entire plan I use with my clients and Bootcamp members. Not rocket science is it! But hey it works surprisingly well. Many camp members lose up to 14 lbs in one of our 4 week boot camps in Dublin. And the great thing is because of the increase in metabolism you won’t immediately pile all the weight back on like what happens after most diets. (Warning you will if you go back to eating crap and being a couch potato)

So give it a go for the next 4 weeks and see how you get on.  You can download the free metabolic training video by filling in your name and email on the top right of this page and start to eat natural foods instead of all the processed foods you have been eating. (P.S. Bread is processed)

Better still if you want to make it really simple then join one of our camps that way you’ll take all the guess work out of it.

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