Jeans Challenge

I just received this post via one of my Facebook groups:

In 9 weeks time this could be you. Elaine has gone from a size XL bottom to a medium.

Just imagine how great you will feel in 9 weeks when you are able to button up a pair of Jeans 1-3 sizes smaller??

How much more comfortable will you feel fitting into suits and skirts that are sizes smaller than you are now?


In order for this to happen something must change. Unless you are seeing consistent results now then your current lifestyle is not benefiting your future self. My Jeans Challenge will not only get you sizes smaller, it will make you feel like the real you again and in full control of your weight…

So what is it?

Starting Thursday 15th March you’ll take part in 9 weeks of training combined with a health focused approach to nutrition. We use a pair of jeans to track your progress every 3 weeks.

Who’s it for?

Males or females who want expert guidance on how to drop a lot inches healthily while increasing their strength and fitness in just 9 weeks


The training will be Group Personal Training. This means you will train in groups of about 15 people, you will be assessed in your first session on Thursday 15th March and then constantly re-evaluated throughout the programme to ensure you are doing the right exercises for your strength, fitness and ability.

Training will take place at any of our SF Fitness Camp Locations in Dublin

Rochestown Avenue, Killiney – 6.15pm, 10am, 6.30pm, 7.30pm M, W, Th, F (thursday eve only, Fri morning only)

St Colmcilles School, Knocklyon – 7pm M, W, Th

Church of Ireland College of Education, Rathmines – 6.30pm M, W, Th

You can attend as many sessions as you want if it suits your schedule.

The training will focus on improving your movement and strengthening your body so it can deal with day to day life. It will increase your metabolism and stimulate fat burning 24/7.


Will be focused on health, eating as much natural food as you can to fuel your body and support the fat burning process, you won’t need to count calories or points etc. There will be sample meal plans given as well as individual nutrition coaching if needed.

What all this means is that in 9 weeks time you will be sizes smaller, your energy will be higher than it has in a long-time, you will have food freedom and be able to enjoy life without worrying about what a certain food will do to your waistline.

So to recap here’s what you’ll get:

  • At least 27 group personal training sessions (3 per week min) between 15th March and 18th May
  • Nutrition plan with sample meals, shopping list and one to one nutrition coaching
  • Group coaching meetings outside of the sessions to focus on motivation and confidence
  • Phone coaching as needed
  • A slimmer, more energetic YOU!
  • At least a jeans size smaller and more likely 2-3.

The investment for this is €337 or just 3 payments of €117

If this sounds like the plan you need a then apply for a place by filling out the form below. Not everyone will be suitable/accepted and so before you join we will ensure this is a right fit for you by sending you a few short questions when you enter your details below. There are limited places available so apply now and we’ll be in touch straight away.

Please don’t be sceptical. I’m not promising you’ll go from this:


fitness in dublin jeans size


to this:


fitness in dublin jeans size


But you will definitely drop 1-3 Jeans sizes depending on where you are starting from today. And I will promise you this: If you do nothing, In 9 weeks time you will look and feel exactly as you do right now, or worse!!


  1. 9 weeks, couple of jeans sizes smaller…

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