Hairy Armpits and Broken Knees

I watched a great programme on the evolution of gymnastics in the Olympics last night.

There were some really inspiring stories as well as some eye opening facts.

First of all it used to be a male only sport and when women started to compete it looked more like synchronised swimming on land with pompoms!

Even when the female sport started to become more athletic it looked nothing like what it does today, they even had hairy armpits!

There were a few women who dared to be different which set the standard for today One of these women was Olga Korbut. They showed clips of her trying a back flip on the beam in training and time and time again she fell off, over and over she missed the landing and ended up on the floor. When it came to the Olympics in ’72 she nailed it and was the first woman to ever do a backflip on the beam and of course won gold

That set the bar for gymnasts everywhere to match that and better it.

It makes you wonder what is possible

In sport if someone breaks a record or does something different then everybody believes they can do it For some reason this mindset doesn’t always transcend to our daily lives

I meet people who say I can’t do X

This isn’t sustainable

But if people have done it and can do it then what makes you so different?

All it is is a lack of belief BUT if someone else can then you can

One Japanese male athlete they showed was a last minute replacement in ’76 and while doing his floor routine he landed badly on his knee and broke his knee cap

His name is Shun Fujimotofitness in dublin

His next event was the pommel horse in which you don’t need your legs so he continued on

Then came his final event the rings

Again no legs involved, except for the landing

When he dismounted he completely dislocated his knee and ruptured all but one of the ligaments

But he stuck the landing and then collapsed in agony

Japan won gold by the tiniest of margins!

I’m not saying you have to break your knees to get what you want but putting in more effort and sacrificing a few things will make a massive difference in determining if you achieve those results you want

Do you Dare to be better?

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