Beach Body in 4 weeks

Not many people believe it’s possible to make a big change in 4 weeks. Maybe it’s because we have been promised this by every diet/weight loss product under the sun. If you’ve tried any of these you’ll know that most will just leave you looking the exact same. Sure you might drop a few pounds but what happens when you finish the diet? It all comes straight back on.

However there is a way that will not only help the scales shift but your body shape will change dramatically, inches will drop and you’ll look and feel a whole lot tighter, you’ll be beach ready!

The key is to boost your metabolism using metabolic resistance/weight training. This is simply a form of training that forces as much muscle to be used as possible in each session. The more muscle you use the more calories and fat you will burn, 24 hours a day 7 days a week,  not just when exercising.

In fact one study showed an elevated metabolism for 38hrs after one training session. So basically if you trained on Monday evening at 7pm you’ll still be burning more calories than if you hadn’t exercised at 8am Wednesday morning!!

Compare this to another study which took 3 groups and measured their fat loss over 12 weeks. They had a diet only group, a diet plus aerobic exercise (running, cycling etc) and a diet plus weights group.

The diet only group lost 14.6 lbs in 12 weeks

The diet plus aerobic group lost 15.6lbs in 12 weeks (the aerobic exercise was 30-50mins 3 times a week)

And the diet plus weights group lost 21.1 lbs in 12 weeks

So the addition of 36 sessions of aerobic exercise only produced 1 extra pound of fat loss???? That’s not a good return for your time is it!

Like I said in order to boost our metabolism and see tangible results that we can take to the beach we need to train our muscles using metabolism resistance training.

Unfortunately the most common forms of training we use today don’t work a lot of muscle. Walking certainly doesn’t. Neither does any of the cardio machines in the gym, hence the reason for the aerobic group above only losing 1 lb of fat extra than the diet only group.

Exercises like tricep kick backs, biceps curls, sit ups, the inner and outer thigh machines are all fairly useless when it comes to making a big difference in our body shapes. This is because these toning exercises don’t stimulate fat burning. So the wobbly bits you have will still remain.

Some people tell me they just want to ‘tone up’ these areas and aren’t interested in losing weight. Well you can’t tone fat! You can, however, burn fat so you can see your muscle tone that’s hiding underneath the wobbly bits.

To do this you must pick exercises that are demanding.

Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts and Step Ups for the lower body and a mix of pushes and pulls for the upperbody like push ups and Rows.

Also we need to ensure the intensity of each exercise is high. That means if you do 10 reps you can’t do 11 or 12. The weight should be heavy enough so you stimulate your muscles to adapt to the exercise. Anything less and there’s no need for your muscles to change. Therefore the metabolism will stay the same.

To make these exercises effective they must be performed with full range of movement (ROM). The bigger the ROM, the more muscle we work, the more we elevate the metabolism.

And finally to make the training programme as effective as can be we pair non competing exercises together, like upper and lower body, so we can keep working with minimal rest periods. This means more work done in less time and faster results.

So keep this in mind for your next training session, be prepared to work hard though!?

The minimum amount you should expect to drop in 4 weeks is 7-8 lbs (provided you have it to drop) but many of my clients and camp members drop up to 14 lbs or more within 4 weeks. That’s because we train to maximise the metabolic effect on the body so that you’re burning fat 24/7


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