The Men Who Made Us Fat

There’s been a BBC series running for a few weeks now and last night was the last episode
Basically they implied that big business was responsible for the obesity ‘epidemic’ and while I agree in part with that we are still in control to make our own decisions
Here are a few interesting points I noted from last nights episode
1. They showed an innocent smoothie and a can of coke
Which is healthier?
Obviously the smoothie
But the smoothie has more calories. Most people would be surprised at that but does that mean a can of coke is healthier?
Hell no, I would argue that an innocent smoothie isn’t that healthy because its pasteurised and so all the nutrients get destroyed but a can of coke is certainly far worse

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Not so innocent!

They were simply saying low calories was healthy
Health is a lot more than just calorie counting, in fact counting calories is a major downfall and that is why I never recommend it
2. They discussed advertising to kids and when regulations were brought in what did Cadbury’s do?
They ran a sponsorship programme for sports kit for schools
Collect so many wrappers and get free sports gear
So a £10 netball was the equivalent of the kids eating £38 worth of chocolate!
All in all 36 billion calories of chocolate were consumed to get this sports kit!!
3. They showed studies that just because something said low fat meant people felt they could eat moreFitness in Dublin
One experiment was with MnMs, they had a bowl of MnMs with Light printed on them and a normal bowl. People ate 28% more of the light ones without knowing that they were in fact the exact same
4. Next comes something that, for me, beggars belief
When the UK government decided something needed to be done to combat obesity they created a Public Health Policy
This health policy was developed by the heads of Tesco, Asda, Unilever and Advertising Executives
Basically people with an ulterior motive that are focused on profits not health
Despite scientists warnings and proposals that had been successful in other countries they were ignored and an obesity strategy came out
Well it wasn’t really a strategy, more of a pledge
Fitness in DublinTo reduce the UKs calorie consumption by 5 billion cals by 2020
There’s 60 million people in the Uk, so that means this great ‘pledge’ was to reduce each persons calories by 833 a year!
The bottom line is if you want to take control of your health and weight then do not leave it in the hands of others
Choose unprocessed natural food as often as you can
I show you exactly how to do that here
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