Why You’re Not Losing Weight

When people set out to change their health, fitness and/or body shape they rarely do so by setting true goals. Usually they say something like I want to lose weight and tone up so i’ll start my diet, training etc on Monday and that’s as far as they get.

Even when people join my bootcamps in Dublin (which comes with an exact blueprint to succeed) they still think that by just turning up they will get results. Then they ask me why they haven’t lost weight. Did they follow the plan? NO!

Or in their words?: sort of, kinda but I changed it a bit!

In my words…NO!

I’ve done a lot of research on goal setting and thought I had it sussed until I learned something new on a recent trip to Italy. You see most goal setting books, gurus etc will tell you that you need to set specific goals and think about them all the time and know what it will be like when you have achieved them. I used to think that too.

So something like this, for a bride to be, would be a great start:

“I want to look amazing on my wedding day, have those lines in my arms, a really flat and hard stomach and my bum to look great in a pair of size ten skinny jeans. I want to feel really energetic and happy about my health and body, etc”

Being really descriptive will certainly create more emotion and motivation to succeed but there is something wrong…

…None of what I wrote are actual goals. Looking good on your wedding day or in a pair of jeans isn’t a goal, its a reward. It’s a reward for achieving your goals.

So what is a goal?

It is simply a behaviour.

You see in order to feel great about your body there are certain things one must do. So, in the brides case above, in order for her to look great in her dress (the reward) she must train 3-4 times a week, she must cut out eating processed foods, she must train harder in every session, lift heavier weights, eat more vegetables, drink more water etc

Her goals are what she plans to do each and every day in order to be rewarded with looking and feeling great on her wedding day. Unfortunately we are all victims of setting rewards with out actually realising what it takes (the goals) to get us there.

That’s why I designed the SFFitnessCamps Blueprint to Success.

It’s a step by step guide to follow and when you do you get results/rewards. So if you are wondering why you still haven’t achieved your goal weight/look then it’s because you have only set out your rewards without actually setting any goals to get you there.

This seems more prominent in the fitness world than anywhere else. If you want to drive an Aston Martin DB9 (a car that costs well over €100,000) you know that in order to get it you need to earn that money. The car is essentially the reward for the work you do to build your income to a level that you can afford it. For most of us we know we can’t expect to just have one unless we do what’s necessary to buy one.

When it comes to fitness it amazes me that people think losing weight and getting in shape will just happen if they eat porridge and walk. There are certain rules to getting in shape and they all revolve around hard word and effort. The rewards however, far exceed the effort. I see this all the time with my clients and camp members. The joy of losing all that flab or fitting into smaller dress sizes, seeing a 6 pack coming through and feeling more energetic than ever is well worth the hard work they put in. In fact most say it’s life changing.

So by all means ramp up your motivation by really focusing on how you will be rewarded for all your perseverence and determination to hit your daily and weekly goals. Just make sure you know what those goals are.

I’m sure you have questions and comments so please leave them below…


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