The Irish Are Lazy

Did you hear the news?

According to a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal

The Irish are among the laziest nations in the world

58% of women don’t get the minimum amount of weekly exercise

And men aren’t much better at 47%

But hey it’s ok some bright spark journalist reported in the Irish Independent yesterday that some people may just be

“Genetically predisposed to physical activity”



Look, I get it that people find exercise boring or too hard and yes it’s easier to sit on the couch in the evening or stay in bed in the morning Fitness in Dublin

But these people better not complain that they are unhappy with their body shape

I got 2 emails recently from people with chronic back pain who would give anything to be able to train with me

Here’s what I honestly think

1. Not all exercise is boring but most trainers/ gyms/ class instructors don’t understand how to make it interesting 

And I’m not talking about using weird and wonderful gimmicks. At SF Fitness in Dublin most of the training is done with just your body weight but we keep people very interested with things like fitness challenges to show your progress over a few short weeks and we even name all our sessions

We’ve got Triplets, Spartacus, Simply Complex, Popeye, Braveheart and loads more

2. It’s not laziness it’s just a bad habit

Habits can be made and broken and all it takes is 21 days. Sure you may have a bad habit of saying you’ll start next week or you’ll skip the gym tonight and go tomorrow instead

But next week and tomorrow don’t exist,

Fitness in DublinOnly Today Exists!

What you do right now determines your results and how happy you can be

Make the decision now and act on it

Once you start and start getting results you’ll keep coming back for more

Speaking of results…

3. Not all exercise gives you results – No results equals serious lack of motivation

The 30 min walk we are supposed to do 5 times a week will not radically transform your body or your fitness

So I’ve witnessed many people frustrated at their lack of results even though they exercise 4-5 times a week, no wonder so many people quit

Its only when you see results that you get the bug ‘those people’ get

One of our current members got such good results that one of their friends is travelling all the way from Wexford to join us next month

That’s what taking action is

So don’t be a part of that embarrassing statistic, join the 21 Day Health Kick now and discover a fun and super effective way to be happier, fitter and leaner

Strength and Health


P.S The early bird price has less than a week left, then it goes up

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