Changing my mind


One of my mentors, a man by the name of Mike Boyle and one of the top professional strength coaches in the world, is well known for changing his mind

     If he finds a better way of doing things then he’ll do that even if it means going against what he once recommended. He’s been slated a good bit for this but I have huge respect for him

     There’s no point in doing something if there is a better, simpler or safer way of doing things

     I’ve changed my mind a few times over the years. But I always did the research and tried it out on myself and some guinea pigs (human ones, not real ones). Once satisfied I would then recommend the new method

     Here are a few things I’ve changed my mind on


    1. Eating little and often

     If you prefer to eat little and often that’s fine. It certainly does nothing for increasing your metabolism or building more muscle. There is simply no research to prove this works better than eating 3 meals a day. What I would recommend for you, when starting on my programme, is to not get hungry because this is a sure way of slipping back into old habits. Eat 3,4,5 times a day but don’t leave it so long that you get hungry and would eat the first thing put in front of you.

     However once you have followed my advice for a while I then recommend eating less often so you give your body a chance to burn fat. We burn the most fat when we aren’t digesting food.


    2. Spinning

     10 years ago I used to think spinning was the best training you could do in the gym. As a former cyclist I loved it and loved teaching it. My spinning classes were packed in any  gym I worked in.

     Then I realised that people who came to my classes, sometimes as often as 4 or 5 times a week, never changed shapeEven though they were sweating and completely out of breath their shape never changed

     After studying more effective methods I realised that just because you feel like you are working hard doesn’t mean you’re burning fat. So many people think they are doing great work in a class like spinning or zumba but they aren’t actually burning much fat from it.

     Not all exercise is created equal and my programmes usually only involve 3-4 short sessions a week

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    3. Coffee

     This is something that I have always questioned

     I was never a coffee drinker so I never really got why people would drink multiple cups a day. That is until I realised how addictive it can be and also how much it can benefit your energy and concentration

     There is a lot of conflicting evidence surrounding coffee

     Some studies report coffee drinkers live longer, others reporting it increases our stress hormones and even studies showing it to be toxic

     I used to recommend people cut it out completely but now I recommend switching to organic coffee and actually grind the beans yourself

     Why organic? Because its one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. Organic means fewer pesticides which means less toxins coming into your body. The more toxins you have the harder it is to drop fat.

     Why grind them yourself? Because coffee is stored for so long it can develop mould which is another toxin for our system

     I also don’t recommend people drink it if they struggle with sleep or morning energy. Get these right first then add coffee back in.

     I’ve just recently bought a grinder and cafeteria and the coffee is amazing. Just one cup a day is all I need but I’ll have it pre training to give me a good boost if I want it. The worst time to have coffee is after training as it will prolong your stress hormones and impair results.


    4. Being 100% strict on a nutrition plan

     This is something I used to be very stringent with. All or nothing. After all if you deviate from the plan then its not my plan and too many variables can then affect results. Now I believe the only people who need to do this are people like fitness models when getting ready for a photo shoot or competition or any fighters who need to make weight.

     But as long as you aren’t in those categories then you don’t need to be 100% strict. However the flip side of this is people thinking they are eating in moderation when in fact they are eating sugary crap every day and wondering why they aren’t getting any results.

     This is the reason I came up with the 21 Day Health Kick. To show you what moderation actually is and what you can ‘get away with’ and still lose weight and tone up.

     With the 21 Day Health Kick I show you how to plan ‘free meals’ into your week without harming your results. I also show you how to curb cravings without having to use willpower. And my members get to eat chocolate every day using a sneaky little strategy.

     Also, like I said before, you don’t need to train for hours and hours doing multiple sessions a day. I see this all the time on Facebook, people posting about going for a walk in the morning then hitting the gym at lunch and doing an exercise class at night. That’s insane when you realise that all you need to the right exercises performed in the right way 3-4 times a week.

     The next 21 Day Health Kick programme starts on Thursday 11th of October in all 3 locations. You can save €20 on the price by grabbing your spot now


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