Why We Don’t Run

I was asked about our camps at the weekend and one of the questions that was put to me (and I get asked this a lot) was

Do you do lot’s of running?

The answer is no and there are a number of reasons for this.

First of all running/jogging burns very few calories unless you do it for long distances or sprint as fast as you can. It also does very little to raise your metabolism compared to other exercises that we use like KB Swings, Crab Walks and Mountain Climbers.

These exercises target your muscles far more and will tone up your arms, abs, hips and legs where as running won’t even generate much tone in your legs.

Don’t get me wrong if you like running then by all means go for a run. Getting out in the fresh air can be a great de-stresser and you’ll get plenty of oxygen into your system but you don’t need to join a bootcamp to do it. Getting a few friends together is free and simple to do, just don’t expect a massive change in your body shape from running a few times a week.

Another reason we don’t run in our camps is that we get people of all abilities joining us. So if we went running it would split up the group. Some people would want to run faster and others may not even be able to run 100 yards. This is terrible for morale and affects the entire group. I’ve also discovered that a lot of our camp members simply don’t like running and it puts them off exercise – that’s the last thing I want!!

I have a had a good few people coming to us who have tried other camps and have injured themselves from doing sprints and sharp changes of direction while running. Again another reason not to include running. The impact running has on your joints is very strong and if you carry extra weight then that adds to the damage. Just think about how many repetitions of impact running causes in your joints.

Sprinting, which is a very effective way at burning burning calories and body fat, is a very advanced technique that if done with untrained people can very easily cause a hamstring pull or muscle tear.

Bottom line is that you don’t need massive amounts of traditional cardio to change your shape and lose weight. You do need to increase your metabolism by focusing on exercises and training sessions that require loads of muscles to be worked and that causes you to burn more fat calories 24 hours a day, not just when you exercise. Every single session we do from Triplets and Spartacus to Beautiful Monster and The A.A. are designed to work every single muscle in your body so you increase your metabolism and burn more fat calories even when you aren’t training.

In fact at SFFitness Camps we don’t exercise We Train for Results!


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