Going cold turkey

Hi my name is Ruth and I’m a phoneaholic!

     I literally have to have my phone on my at all times, if it’s not in my hand it’s right beside me, everyone can get a hold of me whenever they need, my emails are checked constantly and the same with Facebook.

     However after a weekend of masterminding in Guernsey with my two mentors for a check in, new ideas and being pushed further outside my comfort zone, my phone went on a bit of a walkabout and suddenly

I was un-contactable

….. my lifeline to the online world was suddenly gone, what was I going to do?? I couldn’t answer an email as soon as it came in, I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone and more importantly no one would be able to contact me

Keep Calm


    Now usually this would have freaked me out but I was in Guernsey and wasn’t going to be home until Monday evening so there was no point in stressing about it but at the end of the day it was only a phone and it could be replaced (thank god for insurance!!)

     If I’d spent Sunday stressing about my phone I would have missed out on a huge amount of information.  I will say it was liberating not having it and not checking my emails and Facebook every five minutes!


    It got me thinking of how I used to be the same with diet coke

     3/4 years ago I literally could not get through the day without having a can or several of the stuff, my body needed it.  I must have spent a fortune on the stuff.

    My mum would tell me about the dangers of all the chemicals that were in it but I thought I can’t function without it, I HAVE to drink it.  I NEED to have the diet coke (I sound like an addict, don’t I!?), regardless of what it was doing to my body.

Ugh Cold Turkey………..



    But she eventually got through to me and I went cold turkey … I poured out the cans that were in the fridge out and boy did I suffer for a few days as the toxins left my body. I was horrible to be around, I was irritable and I think I spent most evenings on the edge of tears and really wanting to give in because I knew if I had just one can, a mouthful even the pain would go away.  

 However I knew deep down I was doing the right thing and I had to stick with it and ride out the pain and a 

few days later I realised I didn’t actually NEED it.



New Habits

     I could function without diet coke, like my phone doesn’t need checking every five minutes I don’t need the diet coke either.


      I formed better habits when it came to replacing the diet coke with water and once I get a new phone I will definitely be forming better habits with that too


I don’t NEED it 24/7!

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