Tougher than you think

The annoying little voice …….

    When it comes to training I feel sometimes I hold a little bit back, my mind gets in the way, there’s the little voice at the back of my head that tells me I can’t or I shouldn’t do it.  Yeah not going to lie it’s sometimes hard to tell that voice to shut up and piss off and carry on but I know I really have to, it’s my mind that holds me back not my body.


     If I get one bad rep in a set and that’s it I’m done, and I stop, then I get really pissed off and sometimes that can ruin my whole training session. 

                                      I leave the gym on a high!!


    Other times I really push myself and get more than I originally think (a lot of the time this happens because my trainer and boss John O’Connell is there telling me I can do it), when this happens I get such a boost and next thing I know I’m doing more reps, heavier weight for the rest of the session

    I was coaching down in our Rochestown location recently and it was a full girlie evening session, I push these girls hard because I know what they’re capable of. 

I’ve trained alongside the majority of them and coached them too for a long time so I know what they can do.



Sometimes you just need someone else to have the faith in you so you can do it, or even attempt it.

                                      Stepping it up a gear

      A lot of the ladies are mastering the art of full body push ups and are doing really well on them but the session we did this particular night, has a lot of them, it is one of our toughest sessions both physically and mentally. 

     They all knew what we were doing and before they came down there was a lot of chat in our Facebook group and that they won’t be able to do it and a bit of negative chat. 


I was having none of it, I knew they could do it and didn’t give them the option when I was explaining the session.

     And at the end of the session every single one of them had completed the session with full push ups, maybe it’s because I told them to maybe it was because I believed they could do it but

at the end of the day they were the ones doing it.

My advice ……

  1.     Train with people who are going to push you,
  2.     Get out of your head and
  3.     Have some self-belief

              and then see what you can achieve.

I finished work (if you can call it work!) a very happy and proud coach 🙂

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