I’m still learning…..


     I have only been in the fitness industry for the last two years, so really a newbie but boy have I learnt more in the last two years than I did throughout my college course.

Learning from the best……

     The past few weekends I’ve spent working with and learning from some of the top trainers in the UK and Ireland.  My brain has been overloaded with information and ideas. I just need to take stock now and figure out what we can do now and what can we can do at another stage.

     I will say I’m pretty lucky being able to have access to these guys; they have so much experience in the fitness industry and have made all the mistakes that I can now avoid.  I meet with my two mentors, Chris Brown and Jon LeTocq on a regular basis and we speak every month.  We all meet up together for a weekend of learning and socialising (I’ll tell you again about socialising with fit pros, it opened my eyes!!) 😆

     Our last mastermind was in Guernsey, although it was the coldest place ever (sorry JLT but it is!) I came away with a lot more clarity, I didn’t need to be top of the game, I’m still a newbie, and I just have to start. I also left with a plan of action, action points that I know I can achieve over the coming months.  I had a lot of time hanging around in airports after the Guernsey mastermind, I’m sure you’ve read the post about my phone wanting to stay in Guernsey, so I had no distractions bar my own thoughts.  It got me thinking back to when I first started to lose weight and how it would have been so much easier if I sought out an expert, mentor, from the beginning rather than thinking I could do it alone.

I’ll do it my way ……

    For so many years I tried to lose weight by myself, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing.  I’d start every Monday (it was what the magazines said to, all their plans started on a Monday), I’d buy the magazines and books that promised me I’d lose 7 pounds in 7 days with these amazing cover models (who I’m guessing were never over weight in their life), I’d read them cover to cover and go yeah that’s Monday’s job, I’d plan it in my head what I was going to eat and I’d lose those 7 pounds no problem.  Monday would come around I’d start in earnest but then lunch would come along and the lure of crisps and fizzy drinks were right there and I’d grab them without realising and then justify it in my brain saying that I’d start from dinner.  I’d barely get through the day let alone 7 days.  Also the food they wanted me to eat was low fat and low carb and I’d end up feeling so crap and down that I’d panic and reach for the good old comfort foods.  Looking back it was no wonder I didn’t get any results, I had no guidance or clue what I was doing and I had zero accountability too.

Ask for help

    When I joined SF Fitness I knew it was different John contacted me the day after my first session because he knew how sore I was going to be (I spent that first day trying to persuade others to do things for me so I wouldn’t have to move, I even scooted my chair over to the water cooler so I didn’t have to walk), he reassured me it was perfectly normal, not going to lie I completely doubted him there was no one in the world who was feeling the pain I was in, and each week he wanted to know what I’d eaten and what results I had achieved.  He definitely knew his stuff, within the first few weeks I was down almost a dress size.

   I really trusted him and I knew if I followed what he said I’d continue to get results.  I also knew that if I didn’t submit my journal he was coming looking for it, it was the only way I would succeed I had to be accountable to him and tell him the good, the bad and the ugly (there were ugly times, remind me to tell you about the rice cake story!) I asked questions and lots of them and John very patiently answered them all, even the more ridiculous ones I came with 😉

Beginning of something new and exciting…..

   John became my mentor before he probably realised because he’s the one who has literally helped (sometimes pushed!) me to change my whole life.  He’s the first one I trusted when I started to lose weight, if he told me to stand on my head while drinking greens and doing burpees I would have done it!

    My mum thinks he’s a hero because he got me to eat vegetables.  I think his words to me when I said I didn’t really like them were

You don’t have to be a fan of them you just have to eat them!

    So pretty quickly I realised he was taking no excuses from me! John still kicks my ass in training, I’ll often hear random words being shouted at me from the other end of the gym (if I’m squatting it’s generally knees out, last few inches!) He may now be my boss but he’s constantly teaching me things and I still ring him as soon as I have a question, he generally knows the answer!

Learning from my mistakes

     So from a career point of view I’m learning from my weight loss mistakes, I‘m not going to try and go it alone, I’m going to have my mentors there to help me and keep me accountable.  I know the reason I finally lost the weight was because I found someone who knew what they were doing and I asked a question or two.  Also the three lads have a serious knack of pushing me out of my comfort zone! Sometimes I’m not sure what my comfort zone is anymore 😉

If you want the same accountablitity for your weight loss goals come and join us on our next 21 day health kick and ask us some questions, trust me I’ve probably already asked all the embarrassing questions, so just ask!


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