The truth about Fat Loss, Energy and Your Health Part 2

So in Part 1 we discussed why aerobic exercise is so ineffective for results. But what about nutrition?

There are so many diets around how do we know what works?

Well let me offer you this piece of advice: if diets worked there wouldn’t be a million different ones would there? Diets are designed for short term success, that’s how they sell so many copies of their books. Drop 7 lbs in 7 days, that’s easy remove your brain, it weighs about half a stone!

Ok that wouldn’t be practical, but most of the results diets give you aren’t practical either. Here’s why:

1. They lower your metabolism. They do this by focusing just on scale weight. Muscle is heavy so if you lose it you’ll drop weight fast. Follow any sort of restrictive, low calorie diet for a few days and you’ll drop a few pounds. However most of that will be muscle and not fat (the flabby bits). Muscle dictates the speed of your metabolism. The less you have the slower your metabolism. Plus when you eat normally again you are actually eating way more calories than your body is able to burn off and end up piling more weight on after the diet than you had before.

2. Most diets focus on calories and not nutrients. Let’s look at the weight watchers points system:

Here’s a simple equation that proves there is something not quite right with its points plan. A handful of cashew nuts is 10pts. Depending on your weight your daily points can range fromt the high teens upwards. So lets say 20 is an average.

That means 2 handfuls of cashew nuts and that’s it for the day! 3 and you’d be consuming 150% of your daily allowance. But have you ever looked at how many calories are in a handful of cashew nuts? There’s 138kcals in a 25 grm serving, about a handful.

Now a 25 grms serving is only a few nuts but weight watchers say that if you have 3 handfuls (that’s less than 450 calories) you’re not going to lose weight! The average female needs around 1200-1500 calories just to stay alive and keep all the vital bodily functions going, not to mention the extra energy used for going about your day to day life.

Weight watchers telling you you can’t lose weight on 450 calories a day is ridiculous and proves why it is flawed.

3. Hormones and not calories dictate how and when you burn fat. When you eat sugary carbs you spike insulin levels (insulin is a hormone) which shuttles that sugar into storage. For most that means fat storage. There are ways to ensure that doesn’t happen such as carb timing, strategic cheat meals, the right training etc

When I consult with my clients and camp members I never get them to count calories, it’s not necessary as long as you eat the right foods at the right time. They typically end up telling me the nutrition plan is easy to follow and the continuous results they get spurs them on in their training to get even better results.

Now here’s Anna to mess with your mind 🙂

“As far as I’m concerned it’s not whether you’re going to hurt, it’s what you’re going to do when you hurt, because you’re going to hurt bad when you race hard” Olive Loughnane, World racewalker

Most of my clients want to lose weight,  they want to like what they see when they look in the mirror, fit into their favourite jeans, feel fit and energised.

Because when you’ve achieved what you want you’ll be more confident and motivated, right?

Maybe… but the truth is that getting what you want requires that you have tons of confidence and motivation, right now, and pretty much on tap!

Otherwise, how are you going to do your weekly shopping without walking down the biscuit aisle? How are you going to make your workout sessions when you’re feeling tired after a hard day at work? How are you going to be able to say no when someone offers you cake?

If you’ve been having trouble keeping motivated, here are 3 crucial things you may have been missing out on:

1/ The right motivation strategy: A lot of my clients tell me “but I have been visualising Anna, it just doesn’t work for me”. Visualising can help, depending on what you are visualising. If what you are imagining doesn’t fire you up, then you may not be using the right strategy.

Some people are more motivated when they think of what will be like when they’ve accomplished their goals. Other people really get going when they think of the worst thing that could happen if they don’t achieve them.

2/ A powerful sensory experience: Whether you are motivated towards pleasure or away from pain, apart from having a clear image in your mind, it’s also useful to engage your senses fully into it. So, as well as thinking about what you will look like, allow yourself to notice what you hear and feel when you’re already there. How will you know that this is it, that you’ve done it? Where will you be, with whom, what are you doing? A richer experience kicks off stronger feelings. There’s a technique I use with my clients that enables them to spin these feelings, and really intensify them to drive yourself to do whatever you need to do, whenever you need to do it. This is so simple it can be done instantly.

3/ The right motivational language: “I really should go to the gym now”, “I need to start eating healthier”, “I’d like to lose weight” are the type of comments I hear day in and day out. And you wonder why you are lacking motivation? It makes me want to take a nap every time I hear them. If you really want to achieve your health and fitness goals, it’s vital you start to pay more attention to the words you use. Personally, if I told myself “I’ll try to go to the gym later” after a hard day’s work, that wouldn’t make me move a finger, let alone get off my butt! “I’m going to camp to give 100% effort so I can feel energised, strong, lean and super fit” is a different story for me. It fires up a feeling in my gut that drives me to get up and out the door. You’ll obviously use different words and phrases but once you discover what works for you you’ll find it much easier to stay motivated and achieve those goals.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if desire and will power alone were enough, then we would all look like supermodels by now. But for most people it isn’t enough. Discovering the right motivational strategy that works for you is extremely important. It usually takes a few questions to find out my clients’ motivational strategies. When you find out what makes you tick, firing this up with a powerful sensory experience and the right language can have massive impact in what you’ll get to achieve.

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