The Truth About Fat Loss Part 1

In this 3 part series you are going to discover why what you have been doing up until now hasn’t worked as well as you’ve wanted. Each part will have two subsections. The first on training and/or nutrition written by myself, the second on mindset and attitude written by my wife Anna.

First up let’s take a look at exercise.

In the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of training thousands of people. From gym members to personal clients to athletes. I get paid for results and so I realised pretty quickly what worked and what didn’t. What was surprising was that even though we were being told that cardio was great for fat loss it wasn’t really working. The people doing my spinning classes 4/5 times a week weren’t losing weight, the people running the streets first thing every morning weren’t losing weight and instead were getting more and more tired. But exercise is meant to give you more energy isn’t it?

So with some extensive research and investment seeking out the top trainers and coaches in the world I found out what was happening. I applied the new principles I learned to my clients and hey presto they started getting great results.

Aerobic exercise for fat loss, defined as any form of activity that can be sustained for long periods, is flawed in a few ways.

  1. It doesn’t burn a huge amount of calories. 300-500 calories for an hour of aerobic activity be it walking jogging etc won’t put any sort of dent in your body fat levels and certainly won’t change your shape. Each pound of body fat is 3500 calories of stored energy, so in theory 7-11 hour long walks will burn 1 lb of fat!
  2. Prolonged aerobic exercise has been shown to increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is directly linked to high stomach fat and fatigue.
  3. The professional runners that you see running marathons do an immense amount of training 3-4 hrs a day in some cases. If you have this amount of time to train then go for it but I doubt you do. And in most cases when I consult with a client one of the first things they tell me is that they don’t want to be spending too much time training.
  4. Running, which seems to be the popular choice for fat burning, is very stressful on your joints. Every stride is an impact of twice your body weight going through those ankles, knees and lower back. Think about how many strides someone makes when running. Also if one was overweight then the last thing they need to be doing is pounding all that extra weight through their joints.
  5. Aerobic exercise follows the law of diminishing returns. This means that the more you do, the fitter you get which means the activity becomes easier. Easier means less effort and this means that every time you exercise you actually burn fewer calories than the time before.

When I consult with clients they always appear to have the notion that weight loss is hard, it’s a slow process unless you follow one of those fad diets. (I’ll discuss the dangers of these in part 2) But it only appears that way because we are still using outdated and flawed methods.

It can be much easier than you think. As I write this I have received about 10 emails in my inbox from clients telling me how much weight they have lost in the first week or 2 of their programme/ fitness camp. 6lbs down, 2 inches off their waist, energy is sky high, knee pain is gone and 4 lbs down in 6 days aree just some of what has been reported back. And the best part is they are telling me they are enjoying it, finding it easier than any approach they have ever tried and getting better results in 2 weeks than they have done in 2 years.

Mindset and Attitude – Anna Aparicio nlp accredited success coach

With over sixty thousand thoughts a day, you better be careful about the things you tell yourself day in and day out:

“I hate the way I look, I feel so fat, I look horrible, I have huge thighs, and my tummy looks disgusting…”

Do you or anyone you know think like this?

A lot of what we achieve in life is, to a great extent, the result of our inner self-talk; our internal dialogue, that little voice that whispers in your ears, which is either supporting you and propelling you closer to your goals, or it’s making you feel like crap.

And if you feel like crap, it’s extremely hard, if not impossible, to get yourself motivated to do what is necessary for your success.

So, you may want to lose weight and tone up, and you know that this involves you working out regularly and following a healthy nutritional plan. But if you are telling yourself things like:

“I am too tired to go to the gym”, “I just have to have that muffin”, “This exercise is just too hard” “I’m never going to be thin”

Then, you may or may not have been aware of this until now, but you have been sabotaging yourself.

And as Britney Spears would say, you are toxic. Well, your mind is. You have been doing a fantastic job at de-motivating yourself, and you have followed a great strategy for getting out of things and subsequently, for failing.

If you really want to achieve your health and fitness goals, then you need to eliminate toxic self-talk, like asap!

The first step towards achieving your fitness goals, whatever these are, is to shut off your toxic thoughts.

If you work in an office then you’ll identify with this: If there’ something wrong with your computer, you call the IT guy who’ll tell you “have you tried turning it off and back on”? So, you turn it off and back on, and nine times out of ten, it works!

Your mind is the same. Sometimes to get it to work properly, you need to turn it off; to begin to tell yourself to shut up whenever you catch yourself thinking crappy thoughts.

Stop the crappy thoughts in their tracks! Then, you turn it back on and start to feed it more useful thoughts. Thoughts that feel good, thoughts that support you and motivate you, and allow you to do the things you need to do so that you start to get the results you want.

“The only way to change your outer life is to change your inner world.

If things aren’t going well in your outer life, it’s because things are not going well in your inner life” – H. Eker

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