How to get better results

If you do a quick Google search and type in ‘How to l’ you’ll get the following suggestions…

     Unfortunately the information you’ll get is nothing new.

     Eat fewer calories than you burn off


     1. How do you do this properly? Because no doubt you’ve tried before and presumably by reading this you still want better results


     2. What if there is a better way, a simpler way?

     You see most people add in exercise and reduce calories. So straight away you are requiring more from your body in terms of energy while actually putting in less fuel. Not only that but generally you’ll eat very low cal, which is shown to work in the short term. However long term this can cause metabolic damage, an inablity to burn fat even at very low calorie eating.

     I’ve seen it myself and have met many true experts who have seen it in their practice as well. I use the term ‘true’ because there are many so called experts who are only experts by title, a piece of paper they have but very little, long term, real world experience. I would argue that most doctors are not nutrition or fitness experts, yet their advice is seen to be more important than mine. I am fully confident that I can get better results when it comes to burning fat and improving fitness than any GP.

     So back to the Metabolic Damage…

     You would think that someone doing 1-2 hours of cardio a day and eating 1000 calories should be burning a lot of fat but there are people who this doesn’t work for. There are also people who are eating 3000 calories a day on doing no cardio who are able to burn fat and look and feel great all the time. I know which one I prefer to be!
Fitness in Dublin

     While this post isn’t about nutrition I felt the need to explain all this first

     The reason being; I get asked on a daily basis how do I get better results?

     First of all it is very hard for me to give a specific answer because I have no idea what you are doing or have done in that past. I also have no information on your body composition. Better results for you could be to lose 2 stone or it could be to lose that last piece of stubborn fat around the belly. The advice is very different.

     So once I collect the relevant info I’m better educated to show you what you can do rather than just say eat less and exercise more.

     First of all lets cover the basics

      Are you hitting the gym 3-4 days a week? That’s what’s needed, is more better? Could be, but it could also hamper your results. Start with 3-4 of what I explain below before you do any more.

     Are you lifting weights? If not start, I’ll show you how to learn properly in a bit. Lifting weights is without doubt the most effective, long term strategies for not only weight loss but health as well. If you aren’t lifting then you are making things so much harder for yourself.

     If you are, great.

     The next step is choosing the right exercises, doing them in the right way and structuring a programme to get the best results.

Just in case

     What exercises are best for you?

     Short answer is I can’t tell you because I haven’t assessed you and don’t know what weaknesses/imbalances you may have.

     Long answer is once I know what your body is capable of then I would prescribe relevant variations of the following



     Single leg work



     Stability/anti rotation work

     These should be the staple of your programme. You’ll notice there are no sit ups or triceps kickbacks here simply because those are not the exercises to choose when you want better results.

Fitness in Dublin

     Walk into any gym and you’ll mainly see people doing straight sets. But what if you started combing exercises to make your workouts tougher?

     You get less overall rest but if you combined a lower body exercise with an upper body you can get more work done in the same amount of time = better results!


     Push up

     then rest and repeat

     Ok so now we are sucking diesel! (note: please do not go sucking diesel that will not give you better results) 🙂

     But shock horror!! John I did what you said but I still can’t get the body I want. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…

It’s not the exercise that matters, it’s how you do it and what happens after that really counts

^^^^It’s bold and highlighted, yep it’s that important!^^^^

     So you may tell me you are doing all the lunges and squats in the world but your legs just don’t show it. One of the reasons for this is your technique is probably way off.

     Most people have rubbish tekkers  if you are one of them it’s not your fault!Fitness in Dublin

     It’s the fault of the fitness industry!

     Yep I said it!

    Most gyms rely too much on machines and not enough on basic education for trainers on how to coach someone.

     When it comes to technique, range of movement is key

     First of all ensure you have the capability to do the full range, if not find an easier variation and then you can progress. The biggest culprits are squats, lunges, deadlifts, push ups, pull downs and ab exericses.

     “Wait you’ve just described your entire list of exercises to do John!!”

     So I have!

    Is it any wonder that the best exercises to do are the ones people generally don’t know how to do correctly and many people struggle with results? I think not!

     So, while I will share with you how to know what technique is best, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself. Youtube is great, but watch 4 or 5 different videos on the same exercise, not just someone doing the exercise but someone explaining what to do. Obviously nothing will beat seeking out someone who has great knowledge and excellent coaching skills…I know a guy 🙂

      So now you’ve got exercise selection and technique covered lets move on to the big one

     Are you training hard enough?

     All too often I’ll walk into a gym and see people either training with too light a weight or too heavy a weight. I rarely see people training and think: ‘yeah, he or she knows what they are doing.’

     If the weights are too light then your body has no need for adaption (this is the key to getting results) If the weights are too heavy then you’ll end up hurting yourself and not get the desired adaptation, in fact you can get pretty weak this way.

     Here’s the important thing about to lifting weights. Go to technical failure. This means that you keep lifting the weight until you cannot lift it using correct technique, once you start twisting, swinging, arching your back or relying on someone else to help you you’ve gone past technical failure and your set is done.

     There are numerous ways to make this more effective including, but not limited to:

  • drop sets
  • tempo changes
  • rest pauses
  • supersets
  • giant sets

     Each one will help you hit technical failure to maximise results without compromising the health of your joints.

      Last and certainly not least, increase the weights you are using regularly. This fits inline with going to technical failure as you’ll get stronger and as you get stronger you must continue to overload the muscles. This is actually one of the fundamental laws of training, the overload principle, in order to progress you must continue to progress your training stimulus. Doing the same thing, same reps, same weight, same exercises for too long will lead to a regression in your results.

Fitness in Dublin

     The whole reason exercise works is that we get fitter and stronger. But if you get fitter and stronger i.e. make the exercise easier, then your training is no longer effective and you actually burn fewer calories than you were before. In actual fact you should always be unfit for your programme, the moment you start feeling like it’s getting easier it starts to loose it’s effectiveness.

      A quick recap

      By now we’ve covered, how often to train, what exercises to do, how to do them to get the best results and what it should feel like to train at the right intensity. So now you can ask yourself…

     …How do I get better results?

     Look back on what we have covered and change and adapt your programme. Then measure and assess your progress. Use a tape measure, body fat and pictures as these will give you a greater understanding of your progress than the scales. In theory you can  lose body fat, tone up, drop a clothes size, get stronger, feel more confident and look much better all while increasing your scale weight!

     Now like I said its very hard for me to give you specifics because I haven’t seen you train, I don’t know what you have been doing in the past. But I hope that this has shown you how to get better results from what you are currently doing. Having said all thatt is far easier for me to advise and help you if I get to coach you in person.

     That’s why I’ve set up a workshop for you so you can get the specific advice you need. But it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. In fact I want to deter people from joining, you know those people who talk a great game but rarely carry out what they say. I also only want people who place huge value in their health and fitness and the benefits that carry over to daily life.

      Again I’ve met people who clearly don’t care about fitness or strength they just want to chase weight loss but this usually always ends up in failure and frustration.

      Is this for you?

      So if you are someone that wants to know how to get the better results you feel you really deserve from the effort you are putting in then feel free to apply for the Maximise your Workouts Workshop, cheesy name I know! It’s limited to 10 people only and 5 of those places are already gone, if you are accepted I’ll contact you to let you know.

     Click here to apply for this Dublin workshop

     Strength & Health

     John O’C

     P.S. You probably don’t need me to tell you what you could get by spending over 2hrs with someone who knows how to get results but here’s a reminder, in the workshop I’ll show you:

     What the right exercises for you are
     How to do them properly to get better results
     What exercises you should avoid to prevent injury
     What weights you should be using for your results
     How many sets and reps are best for you
     How to know if you are pushing hard enough
     Or too hard?
     Essentially you’ll come away knowing how to get much better results from your training be it:
     More inch loss
     Building muscle
     Getting fitter
     Getting stronger
     Increasing your flexibility
     Toning up
     and any other results you want

     The format for the workshop will look something like this:
     3.15pm: Postural & Movement assessment
     3.30pm: Specific exercise to correct any imbalances identified
     3.50pm: The Big 5 – 5 exercise variations everyone should be doing
     4.20pm: Weight selection, reps and sets – how to get the best results
     4.40pm: Recap and programme design
     4.50pm: 10 min fat loss finisher
     5.00pm: QnA

     Click here to apply now

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