SF Fitness V Hell & Back Round 4!!

   Well it’s time for SF Fitness members to take on Hell and Back again.  Summer Hell and Back 2013 will be the 4th time that SF Fitness members will conquer Hell and Back.  





   We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for!

We trained together has a team, even when I got injured I used to ask John to collect me before 6am in the morning to join the team in the gym.

    Our training consisted of strength training from camp, we were then in the gym on a Tuesday morning at 6am and then we’d go for team runs during the week and the weekend.

    We decided that if we were going to go to Hell and Back we needed a focus to make sure we made it around and we ended up raising nearly €4000 for Crumlin Children’s hospital.  

        Round 1 went to SF Fitness 🙂


   We all were all a little battered and bruised but clearly we weren’t put off too much by the whole thing as most of us signed up again for the January event! 

   A few more members decided to join us, and from December we shifted our training focus towards Hell & Back Round 2.  

    We took what we learnt from the first one and concentrated more on the running and used the camps for our strength training to make ensure those obstacles could be conquered.

   However true to Hell and Back form some of the obstacles were changed and it became a lot tougher ….. we had to go through the lovely pond not only at the beginning but at the end too.

    The weather was awful, it lashed rain from the morning right through the whole event so we were already wet and cold before we started.  

   But we did learn a key lesson from round 1


    we did not want to be stuck in the pond searching in the mud for the runners 😉

        Round 2 yet again goes to us – we conquered it

From Hell to the Arctic….

Finish Line

And from my two Hell and Back experiences I clearly thought I could take on an even bigger challenge and I ended up signing up to conquer my first marathon in Greenland, Polar Circle Marathon ….. where it would be completed through snow and ice and some good minus temperatures

Hell and Back taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to, injury or no injury I wasn’t letting my team down and I was completing that course strong.  

Throughout my marathon training I kept focusing on what I’d achieved through Hell and Back and how far I’d come.  

Hell and Back was really my first running experience and I knew if I could complete the two 10K challenges climbing over hay bales, up and down steep hills, through mud and water, I would be able to finish a run!




    When I returned from Greenland, talk of Hell and Back came up again, my body needed a rest after the marathon so I decided against doing it but I knew I was able to coach the others through it.

    I sat down and thought what I’d learnt from my first two Hell and Back experiences and from my marathon training and the big thing that kept popping up was support.

“Looks like we can do anything as long as the support from the team is there and we all motivate each other” Lorraine

    Having someone else pushing you to do the training and believing you can do it and also having  someone there to ask for help when you need it would help the girls hugely.

   Most of them had never run before and I knew what that felt like, it’s a little daunting but I guided the 12 of them through the training process and we became a tight little team and supportive family for each other

I was like a proud Mum watching everyone cross the finish line, covered in muck but with giant smiles on their faces!

    “So proud of myself for that I completed it and at no stage did I ever think of quitting, again the team support was essential” Katie

  “It was so good going into this with such an awesome team of girls and Ruth’s encouragement and belief in each one of us” Sarah R

Round 3 most certainly went to the SF Fitness Ladies 🙂


Now it’s time for ROUND 4!!

    And it is all kicking off tonight with a team run!

    SF Fitness sessions will take care of the strength side for the girls and then we’ll do run training on the road during the week and we’ll do some off road running at the weekends 🙂

    Check back again to see how preparation for Round 4 is going 🙂

Let’s go girlies!!!!

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