Paying the Price

Fitness and Health aren’t free, but what you pay is up to you.

Even if you train outside on your own there is still a price to pay.

This may not have a monetary value but like I said there is a price. The more you are willing to pay, the greater your chances are of getting results in a very short time.

So what’s your price? What are you willing to pay?

For me there are a number of things

1. I am willing to put my body through some pretty horrific training sessions and still want them to be tougher. I do this because I want to be stronger, fitter, better than everyone else. Sure there are people out there that are more advanced than me but they are the ones I look to for inspiration.

2. I am willing to spend time and money on educating myself by buying and reading books, interning with the top nutritionists and trainers in the world. For example last year I spent €5,000 for 5 days working with Olympic athletes in America. I also spent €2000 to spend a week with one of the World’s top nutritionists.

3. I am willing to allocate enough time for my training sessions each day so I can still run the Boot Camp.

4. I am willing to forgo on eating sweets/chocolate/junk etc (except for my cheat day) so I can feel energetic and keep my body fat low.

There are plenty of other things I am willing to do but I want to focus on you. What are you willing to do?

In no way should they be like mine, I pride myself on being one of the country’s top fitness and health experts, but your’s should give you an idea of what steps YOU are willing to do for YOUR goals and then you can realise what areas you can adjust to improve your chances of succeeding.

Here are a few things for you to consider. And remember the bigger the price you are willing to pay, the greater your chances are of becoming leaner, healthier and looking great this summer.

What price are you willing to pay regarding alcohol? Are you willing to stop drinking completely? maybe cut it to only once every 2 weeks? Or is this not an option for you?

How much time (hours/days) are you willing to allocate to training? Remember you may have to travel a long distance etc Are you willing to cut your TV time to get more time for training? Are you willing to get up earlier?

What foods can you stop eating? what foods will you keep eating because they are just too nice? Are you prepared to make different food choices in front of friends/familly?

How much effort and intensity will you be putting into your training sessions? Will you say I can’t when it gets tough or will you be open to the possibility that maybe you can, should, could, will, want to?



As you answer the questions above you can get a clearer picture of what to expect from your efforts. Like I said, if there are certain things that are just a no go area then please don’t expect miracles to happen. If you are not prepared to pay the price then what else do you expect?



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