I’m Feeling Fat Today

Because I’ve just rubbed some coconut oil on my skin, Apparently its great to rub on your skin as well as eating it 🙂

Ok I’m kinda joking here, but how often have you said that or heard someone say something like

“I’m feeling fat today”??

Just becasue you may feel fat doesn’t mean you have gotten any fatter does it.

Your feelings don’t necessarily reflect your physical appearance. Let me give you an example about my wife.

She was telling me she felt really fat, especially when she was comparing herself to what she was on our honeymoon 8 months ago. (12% body fat for a female is pretty impressive and she never counted a calorie to get there)

I hadn’t measured her body fat since before the wedding so I kept asking her how did she know?

Her reply made perfect sense to her, cuz I feel it, I can feel it here and here etc.

After a few weeks of trying to persuade her to let me take her body fat again, she gave in (my clients are so much easier to work with) 🙂

Measuring Body Fat

Now she thought she was at least 20%. Going from 12 to 20 would have been a massive jump but she only thought that!

Her true body fat percentage was 14.5%, she had gained 2.5kg of lean muscle and only put on a kilo of fat.

Needless to say she was pretty happy. Her ‘feelings’ certainly changed!

So even though you may be feeling bad one day compared to the other, or you had a chocolate binge last weekend like 99% of everyone you know and are feeling fat from it don’t despair. What you fe el is usually 10 times more exagerated than what the reality actually is. This can destroy your efforts because when we feel bad we tend to carve foods that increase seratonin (happy hormones) namely carbs and chocolate!

I even had a new client start last week and she thought her body fat was 30%. It was 22.5% so again she felt delighted.

My advice to you is to assess and measure your results so you know exactly how you are progressing or regressing. Rather than just using the scale weight get your body fat measured (using calipers only, those electronic scales are not accurate – off by 7.5% in my clients case above) or use a tapemeasure and measure your arm, waist, hips, chest circumference etc. I go through all of that with my camp members and even have a video on the membership site of how to do it correctly.

Here’s some feedback from the current camp and we’re only just half way through

I have really enjoyed the camp.  I like that it is really hard sometimes for the 45mins or so and then over.  I love when I am heading back to the car with a red face and out of breath and wrecked!

I have  found that in just the 2 and a half weeks I’ve been doing it I have definitely become more toned with less wobbly bits especially my arms and thighs.  Also I went running the other day and even though I haven’t been running in a few weeks I was able to go for longer then before which I wasn’t sure would happen after the camp sessions because we are not running etc in them. – Jillian Doyle

I have found the camp exercise routine challenging but never boring. Time goes by quickly when you’re engaged in so may types of exercises as opposed to walking on a treadmill. This varying of routine is great.

There is a great buzz completing a camp workout, you’re tired, yet strangely energised. I have found it builds confidence in my physical ability which has carried over to other aspects of my life. One major change is to the strength and mobility of my left arm /shoulder. (So much so my physio has actually signed me off and she was sceptical about the camp when I told her I was doing it) I still get the sharp pains due to the nerve damage but am delighted with the results. – Katie Long

Next camp starts 26th April and registration closes in 13 days time on the 21st . You can go here to confirm your spot now www.sffitnesscamps.com/signup.html

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