__________ is they key to your results

This one thing will make or break your results

Most people don’t do it

It’s got nothing to do with exercise or nutrition per se

But it will dictate whether your exercise and nutrition efforts are successful

Sounds pretty powerful right?

It’s all about PLANNING!

You can’t succeed without planning. Eating the right foods will only happen by having them around you, that will only happen when you plan to buy them. We plan to exercise, but how often and when depends on how good your plan is. Even then what you do in your training sessions is all about the training plan. More often than not the plan is pretty useless.

In fact if I didn’t have the plans/systems I have developed for the camps and my clients they wouldn’t succeed. Trying to get healthy, burn fat and drop inches without a plan will make it very difficult, if not impossible. In the Nutrition Manual that all camp members get I have a quote from Benjamin Franklin

‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!’

If you don’t have the right foods around you can’t eat healthy, worse still if you buy junk foods and keep them in your house then you are planning to eat them at some stage. The systems I have developed cover everything my camp members need to know about how to eat, what to eat, when to eat. I even give them a shopping list!

They get training manuals, videos, training programmes and more so that they have no excuses.

I have also just developed a step by step blueprint which I’m launching in the next bootcamp (starts next Monday March 22nd). Basically I want to make it so simple that my camp members must succeed.

Follow the plan and get results!! There’s a bit of sweating involved but it really is that simple 🙂

You may have noticed that I have added a tagline to the header on this page


That’s because when someone signs up they get much more than just 12 sessions. They get a step by step system to get in great shape for the summer. They’ll discover what foods to eat for boundless energy, better sleep and improved moods. They’ll also learn how to do it all themselves so that when the 4 weeks are up they have the tools to keep going.


P.S. If you want to join us next Monday the sign up page is here www.sffitnesscamps.com/signup.html

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