The 5 worst exercises you can do

You have probably seen these before. You’ve probably even tried some of them, you may even be doing them in your current programme. But please, if you are, stop! The reason these are bad for you are because they will injure you and are just not effective at getting the results you want.

Remember our bodies are designed to be freely moving, not fixed to a machine or forced into stressful positions. That’s why I love the exercises we do in the dublin boot camps, they teach the camp members how to master their own body weight and how to move freely.

Anyway here are the 5 worst exercises you can ever do…

1. Bench Dips.

A favourite of both men and women and looks relatively harmless. But it places a huge stress on your shoulder joints. When you look at the picture and examine what the shoulder is doing (being pulled up and out of its normal position) you can imagine the extra stress your body weight will put on it. Bench Dips a sure fire way to ruin a healthy shoulder!

2. Leg extension

An absolutely pointless exercise, unless you are body builder! This movement places a huge strain on the knee joint. Look at where the weight is at the feet and then imagine all that driving through the knee joint. There are far better exercises than this for your thighs such as lunges, squats and step ups


3. Adductor and abductor machines (inner and outer thigh)

When is someone ever going to need to do this movement? (hang on don’t answer that!)Most of the muscles worked here are tiny and yes I know this exercise burns but that is only because the muscles are so small that they fatigue quickly. There is also research to suggest that this exercise is very bad for females and their pelvic muscles.


4. Pec Deck

Another sure fire way to ruin healthy shoulders. The machine forces your shoulder to move where the machine dictates not where shoulder joint can move! If you have any tightness or weakness in your shoulders then the pec deck will yank your shoulder into positions it can’t cope with. Plus with the speeds I see some people doing this exercise, they are just asking for trouble.




Yes the world famous, everybody is doing them sit ups!! There are numerous reasons not to do them so lets take a look.

1. It takes 250,000 sit ups to burn 1 lb of fat. Yes that is a QUARTER OF A MILLION!2. The abs are there to stabilise your spine not to move it3. Spinal flexion/bending is the second biggest cause of herniated discs4. The biggest cause flexion with rotation/twisting (oblique sit ups anyone?)5. You don’t need to do them to get a six pack and they won’t even help you get one.6. They’ll wreck your neck

So stop wasting precious gym time with these exercises and go for freeweight/body weight exercises that work more muscle and are far safer for your joints

There are plenty more exercises which I don’t recommend due to their ineffectiveness and danger to the body but let me know yours below…

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