10 reasons why I eat fat

Every time I consult with a new client and discuss the topic of fats I get the same comments:

‘aren’t (insert food here) fattening’

The answer is a simple NO! But lets dig deeper and find out why I eat and recommend fat.

1. Fat is your brain’s primary energy source, so it controls your mood

2. Fats fill you u for longer than sugars/carbs

3. Fats make every cell in your body stronger

4. Omega 3 fats are anti inflammatory and protect you against heart disease

5. Certain Fats are anti bacterial,anti viral and anti fungal! (Basically they boost your immune system)

6. Certain Fats increase your metabolism (coconut oil and fish oil)

7. Fat is used in the production of testosterone which controls your sex drive.

8. Testosterone will also help you increase muscle mass and burn fat

9. Fats cut sugar cravings

10. Fats help protect against anti aging especially in the skin by keeping it strong and healthy. (see point 3)

Now not all fats are equal. So I want to point out that the fats I eat are natural fats. Nuts, seeds fish oils, avocado, EV oilive oil, EV coconut oil and even organic butter.

What I avoid are the highly processed and rancid fats you get in processed foods. Fats like vegetable oils, margarines, transfats etc.

Oh and my answer to the question at the start of todays post is usually followed by…

…sugar is fattening!

If you have any questions or comments i’d love to read them so get posting!


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