Will You be 1 of the 20?

Drop a jeans size in 4 weeks or get your Money Back.

In the next SFFitness Camp 20 people will discover how to train for maximum results, drop a lot of inches, lose their flab, tighten up all over and feel more energised than before.

Will You be 1 of the 20?

What exactly is SFFitness Camps?

It’s an outdoor, bootcamp style training programme that uses the most advanced training and nutrition techniques to deliver results. Every unique training session is designed to speed up your metabolism so you are melting fat 24/7.

What other trainers and camps fail to realise is that you burn body fat all day long and it’s the amount we burn over 24 hrs, not just in the training session, that determines our body shape.

With SFFitness Camps’ unique training you will be burning fat for hours after each session and you are guaranteed to See the inches Disappear and Feel More Energetic than ever before.

What Do You Get as one of the 20?

  • 12 sessions of the best fat loss training in Dublin.
  • 5 Home training sessions that require absolutely no equipment
  • 3 Cardio Interval Training sessions
  • 4 Week Nutritional Coaching Programme – use the simple nutrition plan for maximum results
  • Sample Shopping List, Meal Plans and Menus
  • No jogging or sprinting – you don’t need to do it!
  • Discover 100s of unique exercises such as Walkouts, High Pulls, Double Crab Walks
  • No army style shouting or screaming.
  • You control the difficulty – SFFitnessCamps is for all fitness levels whether you are super unfit or super fit!

For more information on dates and location please go here:

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