Need Motivation for Exercise?

I just dug up this post from an article I wrote last year, if you are lacking motivation to exercise then this is exactly what you need.

But first here’s some quick advice from Will Smith

Ok so we all want to change our shapes, yeah?

And yes I said we…That means me too!

Some people are surprised when I tell them my training goals whether I’m building muscle or shedding fat. I get comments like “you don’t need to train” or “sure you’re already big enough” -maybe I’m in decent enough shape for them but they don’t know my whys!

Looking back at the first sentence I wrote, “we all want to change our shapes” – suggests that we all know our goals. And no doubt you know yours. But do you really know why?

A goal is useless on it’s own. I’m sure you have a ton of them but rarely get to act on them.

One of the reasons behind this is clarity. A goal of losing weight isn’t clear. It’s not specific enough. A goal of looking better again isn’t anywhere near as focused as it could and should be.

A goal of “i can’t wait for my wedding day on the 7th of August when I’m 7% body fat and 205lbs and looking ripped, muscular and super fit. Feeling great having put in so much effort to get this and enjoying all the fantastic compliments I am getting from my wedding guests” is a little bit more specific – don’t you think. (and yes that’s my current fitness goal) NOTE: On my wedding day last year I was 8% body fat and 200lbs not far off eh?

As I wrote that I intensely imagined myself already there and really felt the strong feelings I know I will get when the day actually arrives. (oh I’m getting married in Spain hence the reason for looking ripped)

So my goal isn’t necessarily to look good, be 7% BF or weigh 205lbs.

It’s to feel great, have a ton of energy, to feel totally satisfied with all the effort I put in and to almost feel fitness & health flowing through my veins. That’s my real why.

Only when you identify YOUR real why will you develop unstoppable motivation to succeed, sure times will be tough. I already expect to have weeks where i don’t feel any change in my shape, where I feel I’m low in energy and will feel like skipping sessions and cheating on my nutrition. But I won’t because I know that the feelings I will get from achieving this goal will be so much greater than any feelings i get from a tub of caramel waffle Carte d’Or ice cream 🙂

So how can you identify your why? How can you turn it into unstoppable motivation?

Think of your goal right now and if you don’t quite know exactly what it is then just think about exactly how you want to feel about your health and your body when you look in a mirror, when you go shopping for clothes, when you walk on a beach?

Think about what you do want to feel like and eliminate any negative thoughts by adding but I want to feel like…..right after them (when you get into a habit of doing this you will automatically re-frame your negative thoughts into positive ones)

Really go for this. None of the soft crap like “I just wanna be happy” that won’t motivate you. Really and intensely imagine how you will look and feel and hear the conversations people will be having about your change. Take 5 minutes with your eyes closed to do this after you read (and reply to) this.

Try out this technique (it’s an NLP technique BTW) and really imagine all the pictures, people, colours, places, feelings, sounds anything that will help you multiply those feelings more and more.

More to come tomorrow….and please leave your comments below


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