How they lost 17lbs in 10 days

You may or may not know that I’m doing a TV strand for The Afternoon Show coaching 3 mums for 10 weeks.

We had our first weigh in yesterday and the girls were thrilled with their results. not just the weight they lost but the inches they dropped which means their clothes are feeling looser too. Their energy is way up and they are even sleeping better.

Now the methods I use are very different from the methods you may be thinking of.

They don’t have to walk for hours on end every day and they reported on TV that they are never hungry following the strategic nutrition plan I have them on.

So what are they doing instead?

Here’s one of their sessions:

Mobility warm-up – loosens joints and prepares muscles for training 5-10 mins


B1. DB Squat 10-12 reps

B2. Kneeling Plank hold 30s +

– perform both back to back and rest 60s repeat 3 times

B1 DB Step Ups 10-12 reps

B2. DB Seated Shoulder press 10-12 reps

– perform both back to back and rest 60s repeat 3 times

Intervals on treadmill/bike – you can also do this outside

Warm up 3 mins

Increase intensity/pace/level for 2 mins working at 75% of your max effort – very tough

Drop intensity/pace/level for 2 mins working at 20% of your max effort – very easy

repeat 4-6 times.

That’s a typical session that I’d design for anyone looking to start a weight loss programme. It’s obviously dependent on your own level of fitness and medical history but using that programme you can drop a lot of inches and pounds.

What you can also realise is that walking and following outdated advice for weight loss will only frustrate you. There are faster and more effective ways to do it. You just gotta be willing to try new methods!


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