Calories Vs Hormones – Who Wins the Fight ?

For years we have thought that calories were the only thing that mattered when it comes to weight loss. So much so that now I hear so called experts using calories as a measure of how healthy a food is.

What most don’t realise is that hormones play a huge role in our health and body shape. In fact if your hormones are out of whack then no amount of dieting or exercise will help.

Let’s take a closer look:

Round One:

All calories are equal, if we eat more than we take in we will get fat.

So does that mean that 2000 calories of broccoli will make you as fat as eating 2000 calories of Mars Bars? No of course not. Something else must be happening. When we eat high sugar foods like mars bars we raise insulin levels (insulin is a storage hormone, too much and we will store that sugar as body fat)

Round one goes to Hormones!

Round Two:

Eating fat makes us fat. So if we don’t eat fat we will lose weight. Or will we? We need certain fats to produce hormones like testosterone. Not only is testosterone important for our libido (that’s male and female libido) it’s also vital for fat loss. Testosterone will help us keep our muscles active and strong and as  muscles equal our metabolism we need to ensure our muscles keep actively burning calories 24/7.

Going on low fat diets will lower testosterone and make you feel lethargic, tired and flabby.

Round two to Hormones!

Ding Ding Round 3…

We need to burn a lot of calories when training to lose weight. Yes we do, however what’s more important is how

many calories we burn after training and throughout the entire day. You see if we just try to burn off as many calories as possible in an hour on a treadmill/bike etc and do this day in day out we can actually end up raising our cortisol levels. (cortisol is a stress hormone)

Too much aerobic exercise has been shown to raise cortisol significantly. Cortisol breaks down muscle and uses it for energy. It also is directly related to our belly fat. The higher our cortisol the more belly fat we have. So it doesn’t matter how many calories the treadmill tells you you’ve burned in your session if your cortisol levels are off then that belly fat won’t shift.

Hormones are kicking Calories @ss!

Fourth and final round.

Doing steady state exercise in the ‘fat burning zone’ is where you’ll burn most of your fat calories. This is true as a percentage however as total calories go refer to round 3! Also Lactic acid can be your fat fighting friend. When you increase the intensity of a session and produce lactic acid in your muscles you stimulate the production of growth hormone. (a hormone very popular in LA, most of the Hollywood elite get regular growth hormone injections to keep them lean)

But rather than injecting yourself all you have to do is increase the intensity of your training so that you feel a huge burn. That is lactic acid and means growth hormone will be stimulated so you burn maximal fat from those flabby areas.

And the winner is….


Get your hormones balanced and your energy, weight and mood will all return to what they are meant to be.


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