Nine Minutes Twenty Five Seconds…

That’s how long my training session lasted on Wednesday.

I was in the gym all morning filming with the 3 girls I’m working with for The Afternoon Show.

We finished up at about 1.50 and then we had to get to the studio for 2.30.

I started my session at bang on 2pm and finished 9 mins 25 seconds later.

Can you really get a decent session in in such a short space of time?

Speed up metabolismWell when I finished I felt pretty light headed so I had to lie down on the ground for a bit. Then even after my shower I was still breathing heavy and sweating. Basically by metabolism was roaring!

I would have burned a good few calories during the session but the key is I was burning way more calories for hours after the session. That’s what training for fat loss is all about.

Here’s what I did:

10 x Burpees
10 x Body weight Rows
10 x 25kg High Pulls each arm

4 rounds as fast as I could… 9 mins 25 secs

Forget spending hours in the gym week in week out all you need are 3-4 high quality sessions each week and you are well on your way to shedding inches and tightening up those muscles.

If you follow the girls on the afternoon show you’ll see exactly what I mean.

We’re on the show again on Tuesday discussing nutrition,


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