The 100 Calorie Shop

There’s a programme on TV at the moment My Big Fat Diet Show. And they have been investigating certain diets, foods, products, etc and how they help or hinder weight loss.

One of the items is the 100 calorie shop. Basically it’s a shop where everything is packaged into 100 calorie portions.

Portion of Pasta

Some of my clients have already commented on how small a portion / 100 cals of pasta etc is.—————>

And that’s the whole problem with carbs, we don’t need a huge amount yet we eat way too much of them.

So the show is educating us in some way. However they decided to make the 100 club, a group of women trying to drop a dress size in 2 weeks. The are getting them to follow a 1200 calorie a day diet for 2 weeks to see if they can drop a dress size.

1200 calories is too low to sustain your life. Yes I said life. We need a certain amount of calories to keep all our vital bodily functions going each day. For most it is a lot more than 1200 calories. I’ve already posted about why you don’t need to starve yourself to get results here

If you want to see how you can make it easy, how you can enjoy the process and more importantly how you can get phenominal results, tune into The Afternoon Show over the next 10 weeks where I’ll be taking 3 mothers through a programme designed for maximum results. We started today 13th Jan and will be on every second Friday, starting this Friday, and every Tuesday. Plus I’ll be updating you via this site on how they are getting on.


P.S Fizzy drinks are carbs too:

100 Cals of Coke!

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