Top 3 Bodyweight fat burning stomach exercises that you can do at home

Here’s a short video showing you my top 3 bodyweight fat burning stomach exercises that you can do at home.

You’d probably think that if you do sit ups you should get a flat stomach but let me tell you doing them is a waste of time. The reason why is that most conventional stomach exercises don’t burn enough calories and so even though you may be strengthening the stomach by doing loads of reps (I’d debate that too) you won’t ever see your abs until you start burning the fat that’s covering them.


[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2010/01/movie1.flv /]

BTW Sit ups are also a dreadful exercise for your back as they force us into spinal flexion, a position that most already spend far too long in when sitting with poor posture. Spinal flexion will cause more pressure to be placed on your discs whichcan set you up for a herniated disc in the future (not good)

Want to see any more videos? Post a comment and I’ll do my best to put one up…


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