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In my last post I showed you the story of a man who lost 401lbs in 26 months. I talked about how he used more than just diet and exercise to do it. He also changed his mindset, he used his brain more effectively.

And there’s one more thing he did. He got support. The support came from his trainer Chris. He also had the support of his family.

All too often I see people trying to go it alone. They try to get in shape by themselves, or worse when they do decide to make a change, their friends, family and colleagues try to pull them down.

“You’ll never do it, Ah go on just have one, why don’t you just enjoy yourself?”

These are comments you may or may not have heard but I’ve heard some shocking stories about husbands and wives not supporting the others decision to change their physique and health.

I’ve seen parents put way too much pressure on kids, or doing the exact opposite and letting them eat what ever they want even though they are paying me to train their child!!

If you don’t get the support of others you’ll end up fighting a losing battle, there will be too many temptations and no one around supporting you to avoid them.

So if you want to make lasting changes you must get the support of like minded people. You must tell those around you what you are doing and ASK for their support. One of the best ways to meet like minded people are in gyms but these are getting way too impersonal.

That’s one of the reasons I set up SFFitnessCamps. Not only do you get the best training at an affordable price you also get the support from 15 other people. You get to learn from those who have done the camp before and you get to help motivate and encourage those around you too. It’s a win win situation!

The next camp starts 11th January and if you havent tried us out before you can get a free trial by emailing me gymjohn@sffitnesscamps.com there’s no obligation to join so you can just see what a session involves and the rest is up to you.

I’ll be back later with a video of some of my favourite fat burning, stomach exercises,


www.sffitnesscamps.com <—–Regester now for January’s Camp

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