John O’Connell, director of SFFitnessCamps, is one of Ireland’s leading health & fitness experts. He also runs NewEnergy Health & Fitness (Private Heallth & Fitness Coaching) Having extensive experience working as a personal trainer in a wide variety of gyms in Ireland and abroad, John has trained thousands of clients and has also developed many advanced training programmes for fitness staff. He also co-authored the 2010 international best selling book ‘Total Body Breakthroughs’ with other world leading fitness professionals.

SFFitness Camps have been running since 2006 throughout Dublin. The camps are a way for you to get John’s expert training without having to break the bank. The camps are more of a group personal training programme rather than a typical bootcamp. SFFitness Camps are so effective that John offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your results you will get your money back. SFFitnessCamps are one of  the only Bootcamps in Ireland to offer any kind of guarantee.

John has featured on television as the fitness expert on The TV3 Series How healthy Are You? and RTE’s The Afternoon Show and Off The Rails. He has also worked as a health and fitness consultant for SPAR, the world’s largest retail chain and Lyons Tea. John has an impressive client list which boasts a number of celebrities and professional organizations including the Garda Siochana Training College in Templemore, Ireland and the NewZealand All Blacks.

As well as working with the NZRFU he has also been involved with many other professional sporting teams including the Leinster Senior Rugby Team, the Dublin Senior Football Team, Queensland Reds Rugby Team, Murphy and Gunn/Newlyn (a Continental Irish Cycling Team) and the Australian Cycling Team, FRF Couriers.

John’s ability to motivate and inspire others is outstanding. He has helped transform the lives of others not just through training but through his unique style of mental training using his NLP coaching skills.

Using his vast experience working with the world’s leading fat loss and fitness specialists John has developed his own training systems. These unique training programmes rapidly elevate the metabolism to maximise fat loss, increase energy and improve health so that the client feels, looks and performs better in minimal time.

Along with his numerous exercise and health qualifications John is also a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Life Coach. He is a level 2 Internationally certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through PICP and is one of Ireland’s few Bio Signature Modulation practitioners.

By combining physical, mental and nutritional training John can offer a truly unique service to his clients, one that is bettered by none. He constantly strives to learn more by attending seminars and internships with world experts so he can help more people achieve the fitness, health and body that they desire.

To Contact John please email info@sffitnesscamps.com