The Men Who Made Us Fat

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There's been a BBC series running for a few weeks now and last night was the last episode   Basically they implied that big business was responsible for the obesity 'epidemic' and while I agree in part with that we are still in control to make our own decisions   Here are a few interesting points I noted from last nights episode   1. They showed an innocent smoothie and a can of coke   Which is healthier?   Obviously the smoothie   But the smoothie has more calories. Most people would be surprised at that but does that mean a can of coke is healthier?   Hell no, I would argue that an innocent smoothie isn't that healthy because its pasteurised and so all the nutrients get destroyed but a can of coke is certainly far worse   They were simply saying low calories was … [Read more...]

Hairy Armpits and Broken Knees

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I watched a great programme on the evolution of gymnastics in the Olympics last night. There were some really inspiring stories as well as some eye opening facts. First of all it used to be a male only sport and when women started to compete it looked more like synchronised swimming on land with pompoms! Even when the female sport started to become more athletic it looked nothing like what it does today, they even had hairy armpits! There were a few women who dared to be different which set the standard for today One of these women was Olga Korbut. They showed clips of her trying a back flip on the beam in training and time and time again she fell off, over and over she missed the landing and ended up on the floor. When it came to the Olympics in '72 she nailed it and was the first … [Read more...]

Jeans Challenge

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I just received this post via one of my Facebook groups: In 9 weeks time this could be you. Elaine has gone from a size XL bottom to a medium. Just imagine how great you will feel in 9 weeks when you are able to button up a pair of Jeans 1-3 sizes smaller?? How much more comfortable will you feel fitting into suits and skirts that are sizes smaller than you are now? BUT In order for this to happen something must change. Unless you are seeing consistent results now then your current lifestyle is not benefiting your future self. My Jeans Challenge will not only get you sizes smaller, it will make you feel like the real you again and in full control of your weight... So what is it? Starting Thursday 15th March you'll take part in 9 weeks of training combined with a health focused … [Read more...]

Lose Weight Fast | Fitness in Dublin Part 2

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If you missed part one you can view it here I get paid for results. If I don’t help my clients get results then I don’t get paid. There are a lot of trainers out there who don’t base their training on results though. They end up being a babysitter, making the client exercise or someone for the client to vent their frustrations to. I’ve seen it in the many gyms I have worked in. The training sessions become more of an agony aunt session. Hey I’ve even got caught in that trap and almost left the fitness industry because of it. I do what I do to get results, that’s what drives and motivates me and the sooner a client gets results the better. They become really motivated and tend to work even harder when they see what they are doing is paying off. It’s truly rewarding to watch a client … [Read more...]

Lose Weight Fast | Fitness in Dublin

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How to Lose Weight Fast (Part One) I took a poll recently to find out if people wanted to lose weight slowly, 1-2lbs a week, or fast, 3+ pounds a week. This was my little experiment to see what people’s perceptions were regarding losing weight. Slowly, 1-2 lbs per week, won out with 18 votes to 11. The general reason was because if you lose it slowly you will maintain it and be able to keep it off. The reasons for not wanting to lose weight faster is because you’ll just put it all back on again. I totally understand this reasoning BUT I also understand where it comes from and how you can actually lose weight fast, do it healthily and keep it off for good. I like to study behaviours, it helps me understand my clients more. For most people a lot of their education on weight loss comes … [Read more...]