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How to Lose Weight Fast (Part One) I took a poll recently to find out if people wanted to lose weight slowly, 1-2lbs a week, or fast, 3+ pounds a week. This was my little experiment to see what people’s perceptions were regarding losing weight. Slowly, 1-2 lbs per week, won out with 18 votes to 11. The general reason was because if you lose it slowly you will maintain it and be able to keep it off. The reasons for not wanting to lose weight faster is because you’ll just put it all back on again. I totally understand this reasoning BUT I also understand where it comes from and how you can actually lose weight fast, do it healthily and keep it off for good. I like to study behaviours, it helps me understand my clients more. For most people a lot of their education on weight loss comes … [Read more...]

Eat More and Stop Exercising

If you read my How to Get Fat Post you'll have seen that what most people do for weight loss is counter productive. Weight loss is only hard because people make it hard by limiting their fat burning processes. Eat more and Stop Exercising is the anti-diet. It goes against everything we have been taught about losing weight. But it works. Not only that but it works long term. Here's how: 1. Eat More Eat more good fats, more quality protein, more vegetables, more often and drink more water. - People don't get fat by eating these, you probably aren't eating enough and are therefore quite low in fat burning foods and hormone optimizing nutrients. The problem with dieting all the time is that your hormones get screwed up. Then each time you try to lose … [Read more...]

How To Get Fat

According to my clients everybody these days seems to be an expert on weight loss. They tell my clients that the good fats they are eating are fattening, even though the client has lost over 2 stone. They tell them cardio is the only exercise that burns fat yet my clients are far in far better shape and do no cardio. They tell them not to get obsessed yet my client is the happiest they have been in years! That’s the problem, people seem to think they know the best ways because they have read it in a magazine or they may have even done a fitness instructors training course years ago. That does not make you an expert. I am fortunate enough to know many of the top professionals in the fitness industry. I know these people because I see them regularly at the conferences, … [Read more...]

What causes cravings

One of the biggest challenges you can face, when trying to get healthier and lose weight, is overcoming cravings. Now most would start out using will power to stop them in the first few days/weeks. But will power will only last so long, eventually the cravings will get the better of you unless you get to the source of the problem. Usually there are 2 main types. 1. Pshycological cravings (from the mind) 2. Physiological cravings (from the body) You are probably well aware of  psychological cravings. Certain foods give us a psychological high. Chocolate, for one, increases Dopamine levels. Dopamine is a 'feel good' hormone and is also increased by sex. So there may be some truth in the saying chocolate is better than sex! Psycological cravings can be overcome by reframing how … [Read more...]

The 45 stone Virgin

Last night I watched a remarkable story about a man, David Smith, who lost 401 lbs in 26 months without surgery. He did it all through exercise and nutrition. Or did he? Watching the videos of him at his 45 stone weight it was truly remarkable to hear him speak. He spoke as if he  had already made a massive shift. He said that his trainer had saved his life, yet he was still morbidly obese. So that's why I question was it just diet and exercise that got him from here To here: And the answer is no. He didn't just use exercise and nutrition. He also changed his frame of mind. He changed his mindset, his thoughts and his behaviours to lose all that weight. In fact he even reported that losing weight was easy. that's right losing 401lbs was EASY!!! The reason it was easy was because … [Read more...]