I’m still learning…..

       I have only been in the fitness industry for the last two years, so really a newbie but boy have I learnt more in the last two years than I did throughout my college course. Learning from the best......      The past few weekends I’ve spent working with and learning from some of the top trainers in the UK and Ireland.  My brain has been overloaded with information and ideas. I just need to take stock now and figure out what we can do now and what can we can do at another stage.      I will say I’m pretty lucky being able to have access to these guys; they have so much experience in the fitness industry and have made all the mistakes that I can now avoid.  I meet with my two mentors, Chris Brown and Jon LeTocq on a regular basis and we speak every month.  We all meet up … [Read more...]

Tougher than you think

The annoying little voice .......     When it comes to training I feel sometimes I hold a little bit back, my mind gets in the way, there’s the little voice at the back of my head that tells me I can’t or I shouldn’t do it.  Yeah not going to lie it’s sometimes hard to tell that voice to shut up and piss off and carry on but I know I really have to, it’s my mind that holds me back not my body. GRRRRRRRR............      If I get one bad rep in a set and that’s it I’m done, and I stop, then I get really pissed off and sometimes that can ruin my whole training session.                                        I leave the gym on a high!!       Other times I really push myself and get more than I originally think (a lot of the time this happens because my trainer and boss John … [Read more...]

Going cold turkey

Hi my name is Ruth and I’m a phoneaholic!      I literally have to have my phone on my at all times, if it’s not in my hand it’s right beside me, everyone can get a hold of me whenever they need, my emails are checked constantly and the same with Facebook.      However after a weekend of masterminding in Guernsey with my two mentors for a check in, new ideas and being pushed further outside my comfort zone, my phone went on a bit of a walkabout and suddenly I was un-contactable ….. my lifeline to the online world was suddenly gone, what was I going to do?? I couldn’t answer an email as soon as it came in, I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone and more importantly no one would be able to contact me Keep Calm       Now usually this would have freaked me out but I was in … [Read more...]

Changing my mind

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  One of my mentors, a man by the name of Mike Boyle and one of the top professional strength coaches in the world, is well known for changing his mind      If he finds a better way of doing things then he'll do that even if it means going against what he once recommended. He's been slated a good bit for this but I have huge respect for him      There's no point in doing something if there is a better, simpler or safer way of doing things      I've changed my mind a few times over the years. But I always did the research and tried it out on myself and some guinea pigs (human ones, not real ones). Once satisfied I would then recommend the new method      Here are a few things I've changed my mind on         1. Eating little and often      If you prefer to eat little and often … [Read more...]

Jeans Challenge

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I just received this post via one of my Facebook groups: In 9 weeks time this could be you. Elaine has gone from a size XL bottom to a medium. Just imagine how great you will feel in 9 weeks when you are able to button up a pair of Jeans 1-3 sizes smaller?? How much more comfortable will you feel fitting into suits and skirts that are sizes smaller than you are now? BUT In order for this to happen something must change. Unless you are seeing consistent results now then your current lifestyle is not benefiting your future self. My Jeans Challenge will not only get you sizes smaller, it will make you feel like the real you again and in full control of your weight... So what is it? Starting Thursday 15th March you'll take part in 9 weeks of training combined with a health focused … [Read more...]