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The days are getting longer, morning's are brighter and that signals that Summer is on its way. Summer is my favourite time of the year however I realise for a lot of people it can be a very self conscious time too. Summer means less clothing and more skin which means if you are not comfortable with your body shape you are going to be very uncomfortable in the warm weather. Don't get me wrong I believe in being healthy and fit first and foremost, looking good is a side effect of this. But when it comes to summer most of my camp members really want to knuckle down and ensure their hard work pays off. Over the years I have made many observations about how people go about getting in shape for the summer Here are a few: (you may recognise yourself here) 1. They leave it way too late and … [Read more...]

Does your Exercise Programme look like this?

Fitness in Dublin

I've seen some pretty strange things in gyms in my time. From people running backward on treadmills to weird and dangerous versions of common exercises. It seems people are always looking for a 'new method'. Even personal trainers are guilty of this, they jump on the latest fitness craze thinking that this 'gimmick' is gonna help them sell their services better. However the only thing that is going to help me sell my services better is getting better results and ensuring my clients and camp members stay healthy and injury free. That means you won't see me making people balance on inflatable balls or standing on a vibrating platform. These are circus acts and have never shown to be more effective than conventional training, in fact they have been shown to be less effective!! I like to … [Read more...]

A Picture tells a thousand inches

I accidentally stumbled across something the other day that has really got me thinking. I'm currently running a 21 day body fat blitz for my advanced fitness camp members. There are many requirements that they must agree to before being allowed in and one of those requirements is to send me their before photos. My reasons for this is that the visual changes people make are far more motivating than a few numbers. For example one of my clients has lost 5 stone. While that sounds impressive, the picture here is far more impressive. Tracking your changes visually is also a very accurate way of judging how you are doing especially if you only have a few pounds to lose or want to 'tone up' Again the picture below says it all. This girl lost inches and body fat, tightened up all over yet … [Read more...]

The 99% – Good or Bad??

We've all seen the protests around the world, Occupy Wall street, Occupy Dame street etc. The protestors are claiming to be the 99%. And yet the 1% are making all the decisions and have all the money. In this case most of society are part of the 99% and it's a great thing that they are fighting for. But, forgetting about economics and politics, I want to explain why I believe you should aim to be part of the 1% when it comes to your fitness and health. If you follow the crowd you are most likely going to end up exactly like them. Unfit, tired, frustrated, overweight, feeling down, etc. You'll tend to look for enjoyment elsewhere especially from food and drink. I know so many people that just live for the weekend. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my life and love a good night out but I … [Read more...]

Need Motivation for Exercise?

I just dug up this post from an article I wrote last year, if you are lacking motivation to exercise then this is exactly what you need. But first here's some quick advice from Will Smith Ok so we all want to change our shapes, yeah? And yes I said we...That means me too! Some people are surprised when I tell them my training goals whether I'm building muscle or shedding fat. I get comments like "you don't need to train" or "sure you're already big enough" -maybe I'm in decent enough shape for them but they don't know my whys! Looking back at the first sentence I wrote, "we all want to change our shapes" - suggests that we all know our goals. And no doubt you know yours. But do you really know why? A goal is useless on it's own. I'm sure you have a ton of them but rarely get to act … [Read more...]