The Irish Are Lazy

Fitness in Dublin

Did you hear the news? According to a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal The Irish are among the laziest nations in the world 58% of women don't get the minimum amount of weekly exercise And men aren't much better at 47% But hey it's ok some bright spark journalist reported in the Irish Independent yesterday that some people may just be "Genetically predisposed to physical activity" What?? BS!!! Look, I get it that people find exercise boring or too hard and yes it's easier to sit on the couch in the evening or stay in bed in the morning  But these people better not complain that they are unhappy with their body shape I got 2 emails recently from people with chronic back pain who would give anything to be able to train with me Here's what I honestly think 1. Not all … [Read more...]

Bert and Ernie Rap

Don't take life too seriously Here's something to laugh and smile at on a Monday morning, I love this... Strength & Health John 21 Day Health Kick … [Read more...]

The Men Who Made Us Fat

Fitness in Dublin

There's been a BBC series running for a few weeks now and last night was the last episode   Basically they implied that big business was responsible for the obesity 'epidemic' and while I agree in part with that we are still in control to make our own decisions   Here are a few interesting points I noted from last nights episode   1. They showed an innocent smoothie and a can of coke   Which is healthier?   Obviously the smoothie   But the smoothie has more calories. Most people would be surprised at that but does that mean a can of coke is healthier?   Hell no, I would argue that an innocent smoothie isn't that healthy because its pasteurised and so all the nutrients get destroyed but a can of coke is certainly far worse   They were simply saying low calories was … [Read more...]